High on the Trojans

Tim High is similar to a lot of football players in Southern California these days in that he wants to play college football for the Trojans. The defensive tackle from Narbonne HS stands 6-2, 300 with impressive speed and is good enough to have been invited to the recent USC Junior Day. What makes High a little different than most players, however, is the battle he has faced in the past year while trying to focus on playing football and getting to college.

Like a lot of big men on the football field, Tim wasn't allowed the play football while growing up because of his size. Instead, Tim began playing basketball at eight years old and eventually became part of a traveling team called PWPA "Players with Positive Attitudes". He still plays basketball for his Narbonne team as a center and forward but his first love has always been football and once he was allowed to play in high school he has never looked back.

"I tried offensive tackle at first but then they moved me to defensive tackle and it felt real comfortable," said Tim, who also throws the shot put in track. "I consider myself a smooth player. I use a lot of technique, I basically do what the coaches teach me to do. I do what I'm told."

High has turned into a three year starter on both sides of the ball who was named one of three captains for the 2005 season (along with fellow prospects Major Colbert and Trevonne Titus). Tim says his game resembles Warren Sapp as speed is a major reason for his success.

"I run in the 5.0 or 4.9 range for the 40. I'm going to the Stanford Nike Camp next month so we'll be tested there. I have good footwork and lateral movement because of basketball."

In terms of looking at colleges, Tim has his sights set on one team right now and that is the back-to-back defending national champions.

"I'm looking at SC. I would like to play for them. I went up there for Junior Day to watch them scrimmage and I liked the tempo and hard work that I saw. I liked the leadership from the coaches, they had a good positive attitude. They talk to you like real men. For the Junior Day they showed us around campus and talked about how they want student-athletes first. You go there to learn, to get a degree. They don't want you to leave college without that degree. I really liked that. It's just USC right now for me."

High, who had 62 tackles and two sacks last season, wants to major in communications or culinary arts "I like to BBQ, I like to get all in that grill" and right now he carries a 3.1 GPA with plans to take the SAT on May 7th. He is currently enrolled in an SAT prep course. During the summer he will head with his team to a Wing-T camp in either Las Vegas or Tehachapi.

Tim will go through all this while helping to care for his mother who suffered a bad stroke in 2004 and was comatose for eight days. She is still paralyzed on one side of her body and must rely on Tim and his two older brothers for help with the most basic of needs.

"It's been a struggle. It's hard on her because me and my brothers have to clean her, take her to the toilet, we have to lift her up and take her wherever she needs to go. That's a big part of our job every day. She's doing better though, she's talking now. I was so heartbroken when it happened, it was right after our first game vs Dorsey last year and I had to try to fight through that pain and suffering. My coaches prayed with me a lot and they helped keep me straight."

High prides himself on being a positive person and says he tries to stay strong for his mother. When you hear about a situation like this it makes it easy to root for a player like Tim High to reach his goals both on and off the field. We will be following Tim throughout the recruiting process with periodic updates on his progress.

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