Spring Ball Day 13

As the Trojans begin to wind down the spring ball sessions they held practice on Thursday where things got started slowly but once the offense began using a hurry-up system things picked up in a hurry.

As the Trojans begin to wind down the spring ball sessions they held practice on Thursday where things got started slowly but once the offense began using a hurry-up system things picked up in a hurry.

Early in the day we got in a lot of work on special teams, primarily with punt coverage, kickoff coverage and kickoff return. The drills were fairly active and on the final return Whitney Lewis gave a big stiff arm to walk-on kicker Phil Mellinger who tried to make a tackle.

Keith Rivers had another nice day as he was all over the place making plays. He corraled Reggie at the line on one play to hold it to no gain. Keith also had a big hit on Dale Thompson immediately after Dale caught a short completion from John David Booty. Keith did get planted on his butt during one block by Drew Radovich as he was leading the way for Desmond Reed on a screen pass.

The best play of the day was a deep touchdown pass to William Buchanon from Booty. Will was sprinting down the middle of the field while looking over his left shoulder for the ball, as the ball floated down it was coming down over his right shoulder so Will simply turned his body at the last moment and reached his hands out for the ball. It was definitely a pretty play.

Booty had a couple nice completions to Dwayne Jarrett, one came when he was rolling right and he hit Dwayne on the run as he turned upfield for a big gain.

Terrell Thomas was also very active. He had some good contact with Bush on a play when Reggie took a handoff and saw Dallas Sartz closing in deep in the backfield, Reggie was able to elude Dallas but at the line he met Thomas and the two of them had good contact as Terrell drug him down for a short gain. Terrell also had a couple nice defensive plays including one pass break up on a slant to Jody Adewale and good coverage on a short pass to Smith. Terrell also had a sack.

Late in the day the offense began using the hurry up offense and often went with no huddle. Matt Leinart turned into "Coach" Leinart as he would help the quarterbacks call the play and would be standing right behind them as they surveyed the defense and made their reads. Hinds hit a couple passes in a row to Nick Vanderboom, one that was deep downfield for a 25 yard gain. Desmond Reed had a short run that was made possible thanks to a crushing block from Winston Justice on Clay Matthews, Jr (father Clay was in attendance). It was a tough day for Clay as he was also on the receiving end of a wicked block from Sam Baker earlier in the day. At one point the offense had put together a nice drive and Lawrence Jackson turned to his defensive teammates and flexed his muscles to help get them fired up. Right after that we saw Fili Moala toss down David Kirtman on a run attempt like a rag doll.

Other highlights included:

* Mario Danelo made three field goals from 38 yards but missed his last attempt from 40 yards.

* Rashaad Goodrum had a sack.

* Kevin Ellison recovered a Reed fumble.

* Travis Tofi recovered a fumble by Hinds.

* Darnell Bing, Justin Wyatt, Brandon Hancock and Ryan Powdrell all dressed and went through various drills during the day.

* Thomas Williams sat out the last part of practice with ice on his shoulder but we talked with him afterwards and he said he is fine.

* Michael Coleman had a long run.

* Oscar Lua tracked down Reed nicely on a sweep play.

* Jeff Schweiger knocked down a Booty pass attempt (he almost intercepted the pass).

Lodrick Stewart, the USC basketball player who had talked at one point about coming out for the football team, watched part of practice from the sideline. One potential recruit in attendance was Nate Ness, an All-American free safety last year at El Camino College as a freshman. Nate attended Gardena HS and will stay at El Camino for his sophomore year unless a scholarship opens up with the Trojans. His cousin is current Trojan Darnell Bing.

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