Spring Ball Day 15

The Trojans completed their spring ball drills today and now begins the long drawn out summer for fans as we must wait until August for our next fix of live USC football. Pete Carroll put his players through an extended scrimmage on this hot afternoon and when things were done he had them head over to the swim stadium for the annual Swim with Mike charity event.

Things got started for the scrimmage with some kickoff drills and Josh Pinkard hustled down to make the opening hit. Rocky Hinds led the 2nd team offense on the field for the first series against the 2nd team defense. A handoff on the first play to Desmond Reed went for a short gain and then Rocky completed his first pass, to Jimmy Miller, for a short gain before Thomas Williams made the tackle. Rocky then threw to the sideline and he put the ball up high so William Buchanon was able to use his long arms to reach over Jim Abbott to make the catch for a 13 yard gain. Nice play by Buch. Rocky tried another pass, this time over the middle, and he was lucky that Brandon Ting didn't pick it off. The ball bounced right out of Brandon's hands and you know he would like to have that one over again. On the next play Reed made Ting pay for the drop as Desmond took the handoff to the left and shook multiple tackles as he tiptoed along the sideline before breaking free and sprinting for a long 61 yard score. It was truly an impressive run by Reed.

John David Booty brought the first team offense on the field and it was basically the same unit we saw last week for the huddle except for the fact that Reggie Bush did not dress today. Booty went to the air right away in the direction of Dwayne Jarrett but Oscar Lua arrived at the same time to force the incompletion. A short Chauncey run was stopped by Lawrence Jackson. LaJuan Ramsey had a sack.

Hinds completed a slant to Buchanon on his first play of the next series and then he handed off to Michael Coleman for a short gain with a tackle by Thomas Williams. The next pass by Hinds was intercepted by Lua.

Booty led his team to a long drive on the next series which didn't feature any big plays but the drive ended up in the end zone and that's what you want to see. Chauncey had a two yard gain that was stopped by, among others, a flying (literally) Thomas Williams who went airborne in his effort to make the tackle. Jody Adewale made a nice catch in the flat of a high pass from Booty and rambled for a first down. John David came right back with a pretty 20 yard completion to Jarrett but on the next play Keith Rivers dropped back in coverage and was able to bat down a pass attempt in the flat. Nice speed Keith. Reed got them down near the goal line with another set of nice shake moves before Terrell Thomas drove him out of bounds. Chauncey was stopped short of the end zone by Dallas Sartz. Booty missed Davis in the end zone and then a Chauncey run was stopped short by Jackson and Thomas Williams so on fourth down Chauncey got the ball again on a run up the middle and this time he was able to score.

Tom Malone and Taylor Odegard got some punting work.

Michael McDonald brought the 3rd unit on the field. Coleman got six yards by running over Jamel Williams on a tackle attempt. Andre Woodert gained three yards before a Collin Ashton tackle. McDonald tripped as he pulled away from center and on the final play of the drive Coleman fumbled and Rashaad Goodrum recovered.

A Desmond run went for two yards with a tackle by Pinkard. LaJuan Ramsey got good pressure and forced Booty to throw the ball away. Sed Ellis got a sack.

Coleman opened the next series with an 8 yard run but Goodrum got a sack on the following play. On 3rd down Rocky threw behind Greig Carlson on a slant but Carlson was able to make the grab for a 12 yard gain. David Kirtman took a handoff to the right and picked up some yardage thanks in part to a crushing block by Chris McFoy on Ryan Ting. Ryan was on the receiving end of a big block from Chris earlier in the spring as well. Coleman had a strong run that didn't go for much of a gain but it featured some hard running on his part. Michael is such a physical presence on the field and there's no doubt he has a bright future in the program. Reed had a short run that was helped thanks to a block by Kyle Williams on Lua.

Booty brought his unit on the field and on the first play he had Reed split wide left with Rivers covering him. John David tried to hit Desmond with a quick pass but Keith was able to wrestle the ball away and sprint 31 yards into the end zone. It was yet another play that showed how special Rivers can be, Keith had a really good last week of camp.

Booty went right back to the air and tried to hit McFoy with a deep pass but the ball bounced off of his fingertips. A short completion to Kirtman was stopped by Kevin Ellison and then Reed took a handoff for a short gain before being tackled by Terrell Thomas. Hinds hit Nick Vanderboom with a 6 yard pass and then we saw one of the more interesting plays of the spring. Rocky hit Andre Woodert with a short pass and Andre began weaving through the middle of the defense and into the secondary where he began to break free but he was stripped of the ball by Jim Abbott and it bounced right into the hands of Buchanon who waltzed into the end zone for a score. The play went for 57 yards with Woodert covering 47 yards on his own before the fumble.

The teams left the field for halftime and when they came back out Reed took the opening kickoff 31 yards on the return.

Booty right away went to Dale Thompson for a short pick-up with Rivers making the stop (McFoy had another good block on Thomas Williams). Chauncey had his best run of the day with a change of direction in the backfield that resulted in a 30 yard pick-up (Ellison on the tackle). Coleman ran for a short gain with Alex Gomez upending him and then on the next play Coleman slipped at the line with Pinkard finishing off the play. Booty threw the ball a long way with an out pattern to the left sideline for McFoy, the play went for seven yards with a tackle by Terrell Thomas. Ellis had a tackle at the line on Coleman and then Booty took a QB draw and went in for the short TD run.

Rocky threw to Thompson for eight yards on the first play of the drive and then Reed took a handoff before being stripped by Jamel Williams and Chase McWhorter recovered.

Booty dropped back to pass but Jeff Schweiger knocked down the ball at the line. A quick Booty to Kirtman pass was stopped by Dallas Sartz. Chauncey had a short run before being driven to the ground hard by Rivers. Chauncey was gang tackled by seemingly the entire defense and he fumbled.

Hinds didn't waste any time as he threw deep along the right sideline to Will Buchanon who ran under the ball for a 42 yard TD against coverage from Jerry Williams.

Booty missed Jarrett with a deep pass. Kirtman dropped the next pass attempt from Booty and then Schweiger knocked down another pass at the line.

Hinds completed a short pass to Whitney Lewis with Abbott making the stop. Hinds fumbled the ball coming away from center but Chilo Rachal was able to fall on it to maintain possession for the offense. A Coleman run was stopped after he was drug down by Lua. Abbott had a big hit when Hinds hit Miller on the run but the walk-on corner from Loyola HS was there right away to make the stop with a solid form tackle. Another Coleman run went for three yards before Clay Matthews Jr made the stop. Hinds hit Vanderboom and Nick ran for 10 yards with Thomas Williams making the tackle. McWhorter tipped away a pass attempt. A couple short Hinds passes to Lewis and Adewale put the ball inside the ten and Rocky was able to finish off the drive with a 7 yard TD pass to Davis.

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