Broken leg doesn't diminish interest

A broken leg and a shortened season didn't diminish interest among major football colleges in Corey Hobbs (6-5, 310, 5.2) defensive tackle prospect from Ovideo, Florida. Hobbs sustained the broken leg in the fourth game of the season, but, despite the injury, he has received scholarship offers from USC, Florida, LSU, Nebraska, Georgia, Stanford, Duke, Rutgers and Georgia Tech.

"I got those offers after only a partial season," Hobbs said "Those offers make me want to work harder, get in better shape and show everyone what I can do during a full season. I probably won't attend any camps this summer and concentrate on spring football. I want to train this summer and be prepared for the 2005 football season."

Hobbs would like to lower his weight to 300 pounds, improve his foot speed, strength, lateral speed, his quickness off the ball and become a monster defensive tackle.

"I want to be the big guy in the middle and be able to blow up the interior offensive line," Hobbs said. I love to break off the line and get after the ball. I get a huge release when I'm on the football field. I just go out there, zone everything out and just get after people."

The University of Florida has a slight lead over the other schools that have offered, but, according to Hobbs, his interest in the Trojans was elevated from moderate to high after receiving a scholarship offer from Pete Carroll. The USC coach requested game tape from Hobbs.

Since receiving a scholarship offer from USC, Hobbs has regularly communicated with Jethro Franklin (defensive line)and the USC coaching staff.

"I call them to get updates and build a relationship," said Hobbs. "I want to be sure and let them know that I am very interested in USC. I talked with coach Franklin and most of the USC coaches a couple of times before Carroll offered a scholarship. Coach Carroll said he watched my game highlights a couple of times and said the USC coaches are really excited to meet me. Coach Franklin, after reviewing my tape, said I'm exactly the type of defensive lineman they are looking for."

Hobbs said Franklin and Carroll will come to one of his practices in May at which time arrangements will be made for his official visit to USC.

"I have never been to the West Coast and really want to see USC and their facilities," said Hobbs. "They are the two-time defending national champions, they have a great football program and I'd like to learn more about their school and football program."

Although the Trojans have been successful at signing outstanding out-of-state talent, Hobbs is somewhat partial to the Florida Gators.

"They've always been one of my favorite teams and the University of Florida is close to home," Hobbs said "Location is important to me, but if a place fits me, that's where I will go. I'll have to decide if I want to stay on the East Coast. I doubt I'll go to school where it's cold."

Hobbs is a high-energy, intense and aggressive football player who shared with us the type of defensive schemes he likes.

"I'm looking to play in an aggressive go-at-you defense," said Hobbs. "I like a defense with lots of blitzes, which shifts a lot and readily adapts to different situations."

Hobbs is being recruited by most teams as a defensive tackle and a few for the offensive line.

"I prefer to play defensive tackle, but a few coaches are recruiting me as a right-guard too," Hobbs said. "I really don't care if I end up playing on offense as long as I get to play."

Note: Hobbs has earned first-team all-conference, all-county and all-district honors as a sophomore and junior. Top Stories