Taft WR/DB Steve Smith interview

The best player in America next year might be Taft WR Steve Smith, and that should come as no surprise. Steve has received considerable attention ever since his sophomore year when scouts made bold predictions on his future success and, while this projection may seem overly audacious and even ridiculous, Steve has done nothing over the past two years that would damage the credibility of the prognosticators.

In his sophomore and junior years, Steve put up ludicrous numbers from his WR and CB positions and he looks to improve his play even further this year. I had a chance to talk to Steve today and I liken him Lorenzo Booker. Despite all the attention that he has received, he remains a very humble and polite kid who is a pleasure to talk to. Here's how our conversation went:

M: What schools are you looking at right now?

S: I'm open to every college right now, I'm not really looking at any particular school.

M: What do like about USC?

S: I like the tradition, I've always liked Kareem Kelly and I've been talking to him and he made me really like USC. Talking to Brandon (Hance), he's been telling me how school is, and a few players I know, they really like it. So I'm really starting to like USC a lot now.

M: How long have you known Brandon, and will he affect your decision?

S: I met him in 9th grade and we've been cool. (USC getting Brandon) made us look at them more, because we know Brandon and how good he is.

M: What do you think of USC's offense?

S: I like it. As long as the ball's being passed, that's cool for me.

M: What position do you think you'll be playing in college?

S: Personally, I want to play WR. I like offense.

M: Have you committed to the Nike camp during the summer?

S: No I haven't.

M: You think you're gonna go?

S: I might. I'm not sure yet.

M: You might have basketball or something like that?

S: Yeah.

M: Can you tell me a little bit about your teammates Noah Smith and Lance Broadus?

S: Noah's real fast, he's a speedy receiver. He can break a game open with his speed.

M: Has SC offered him?

S: Yeah, actually they did.

M: Are you guys a package deal?

S: Probably, we might go to the same school, but I'm not sure though. I don't know how his parents are. They're really thinking about college, so I don't know. Lance, he's just big, mean, real aggressive, and he's fast. He's a real big impact player for us.

M: Do you know what school's he's looking at?

S: Lance doesn't care. He said he'll go anywhere, he just wants to get to college.

M: 40 time Ht. Wt.

S: I haven't run the forty yet, so I'm not sure about that, but I'm 6-1, 185 lbs.

M: You run track right?

S: Yeah, I'm actually going to start today.

M: What events do you do?

S: I just run the 100. I used to do the triple jump, but I don't want to do that anymore because it hurts my knee.

M: Can you give a prediction for your best 100m time this year?

S: I think I can go 10.7 this year.

M: Strengths?

S: I think I'm good at getting open and going up and making the catch. Grabbing the ball, you know. If we need a first down, they can go to me.

M: I understand that you have very sure hands.

S: Yeah.

M: Great, can you tell me a little about the good players you have faced? Have you faced Mark Bradford?

S: Oh I haven't faced him. We heard a lot about him, we were going to play them and he was going to be the guy we were going to have to cover. But some other players? I guess Marques Binns of Dorsey. He's basically the only CB that played me well this year.

M: The last time I talked to you, you told me that you were leaning towards playing only Football in college. Is that still the case?

S: I don't know, because a lot people have been telling me that I could play basketball. It's kind of a height thing for me. If I were to grow, then I would probably play some basketball, but I kinda want to concentrate on one sport and really excel in that sport.

M: So are you a PG right now?

S: Yeah.

M: Is coach Bibby recruiting you?

S: Yeah.

M: So you're open to the idea of playing basketball, but if you had to choose right now, which sport would it be?

S: If had to pick, I would pick football.

M: Why? You think you're better at it?

S: I dunno, I just think football is my thing, I love football.


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