Spanking the Cardinal

I mean, come on people! Come on nation, it's time to give the USC Trojans the respect they've now earned. SC beats UA last week, then travels to Maples and just demoralizes the Stanford Cardinal - while, across the bridge, Ucla withered away and died. Who cares about the blue and yellow - it's Cardinal and Gold time. USC has now mastered two top ten opponents in the last six days - God love them.

In one of the toughest home arenas to travel to the Trojans made winning look easy. Led by Mr. Double Double, SC knocked the h-e-double-tooth-picks out of number 10 Stanford. When the clock ran down, USC had amassed a double digit lead that surprised even Henry Bibby.

The USC Trojans got no breaks, as Stanford muscled their way around the hardwood. In two specific moments, once upon a time Trojan Teyo Johnson got schooled by never-a-doubt Trojan Sam Clancy for two fall-away jumpers that, couple with Johnson's reach culminated in three pointers each. Those plays were bookends to Granville getting beaten up by Stanford's leading man, Casey Jacobsen in what appeared to be a homecourt call - Casey managed to run over the Trojan's 5'9" point guard - TWICE, leading to a double call. This might have amounted to a swing in the Cardinal favor, but instead USC went on a 17-0 run and took control for the rest of the game.

To say that super freshmen, Craven, is the best pickup since Harold Minor is too simple. Number 22 is simply dominating the Pac Ten and will prove to be everything the Trojans could hope for in a ballhandler come the NCAA tournament. Speaking of tournies, two weeks ago most might have predicted a third place finish for the Trojans in the in-house contest. Bluthenthal, however, has made such a difference in SC's effectiveness, that the Trojans seem to be the team to beat. David has come on fast in the last two weeks, hitting the needed outside shots that spreads a defense, while getting both the rebounds and points underneath, to make he and Sam Clancy the best forwards in the Pac. Is that beautiful, or what?

USC is a team that surprised people and made it to the round of eight in last year's March Madness. This year, the cat's out of the bag - SC is legit. Truly, they are a better team than last year's squad and unless they run into an early buzzsaw, should surpass last year's run.

The concept of fundamentals has turned left out of Westwood and headed straight for downtown - that's right, the hood is home of LA's college basketball scene. Henry Bibby, like him or not, has painted Los Angeles in Cardinal and Gold. There is nothing left to talk about, other than the team play of the USC Trojans. Granted, you could talk of the Bruin collapse, but that is no longer news. Once upon a time, the mantra was - "Talent wins," but that doesn't compute anymore - now it takes talent, heart and hustle. USC is all that AND bag of chips.

There's just a few home games left. Come on down and help turn the Sports Arena into the home court other teams dread. Show the USC men's basketball team that they are as equal a component to any other aspect of the Trojan Family.

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