Graduation Day - 2005

Congratulations to members of the Trojan football program who will be going through graduation ceremonies Friday for the University of Southern California

Kevin Arbet (Sociology) *
Will Buchanon (American Studies) **
Greig Carlson (Political Science) **
Matt Cassel (Communication)
Brandon Hance (Music Industry)
Alex Holmes (History) *
Ryan Killeen (History)
David Kirtman (Business)
Jason Leach (Public Policy Management and Planning) *
Matt Leinart (Sociology) **
Tom Malone (Political Science) **
Bobby Otani (Sociology)
John Walker (American Studies)
Travis Watkins (International Relations)
Lee Webb (Public Policy Development)
Andre Woodert (Kineseology)

* The following received their degrees after Fall 2004
** The following are walking this term but will receive their degrees after Fall 2005 Top Stories