Scout combine - Los Angeles recap

There were 150 prospects at El Camino College on Saturday for the combine and the event included several of the top local players on the USC Trojan wish list. Pete Carroll was in attendance, as were assistant coaches Rocky Seto and Pat Ruel, to watch the recruits go through a variety of testing and one-on-one drills. Click below for a recap.

A few of the players who stood out on the day were LB Allen Bradford (Colton), DB Darian Hagan (Crenshaw) and WR Jamere Holland (Taft). Bradford was the only player there with a confirmed USC offer and he looked every bit the dominant performer. He was fit and in shape and went out and ran a 4.59 40 to prove that he has the speed to be an elite player at his position. One of the funnier moments of the day came at the beginning when Allen's father showed up wearing a USC hat and a UCLA shirt so as to not show any early favorites in the recruiting battle to come.

Hagan (photo, right) is a little thin but he has the long arms and athleticism to be considered one of the elite DB prospects on the west coast. Darian plays primarily safety right now but his likely college position is at corner and in the coverage drills he did a good job including one nice match-up against Holland where he stayed with Jamere the whole route. Darian has received offers so far from schools like Oklahoma and UCLA but it wouldn't be a big surprise to see the Trojans start to recruit him more after his performance today. If you're a defensive back looking to get an SC offer, it's always nice to do well with Carroll watching from the sidelines.

It wasn't a particularly fast day for 40 times on the thick grass of the El Camino track stadium but one player who put up a dazzling run was Holland (photo, left) as he hit 4.40 on the mark. Jamere currently is the fastest prep sprinter in the nation and it was good to see him out there for this event after he has missed much of the spring evaluation period due to track commitments. Holland is a little thin and will need to bulk up as he advances to the next level but there's no doubt about his ability to move.

Here is a position by position look at some of the other standouts:


Cameron Ely (San Marcos) and Tyler Lyon (Hart) both are tall and have good arms but they probably won't receive interest from USC at this point.

Others: R.J. Toman (Mission Viejo), Chad Manis (Los Alamitos), Jon Daniels (Santa Margarita)


Lonyae Miller (Kaiser) is a powerfully built back, as is Andre Harris (Taft) although it looked like Harris had more of a natural running style. Demetrius Sumter (University, San Diego) is real thick and has good hands but he is shorter than either Miller or Harris. Justin Robertson (Lakewood) reminded me of a more athletic Jody Adewale and Justin really caught the ball well out of the backfield. One recruit who could start to see more interest from colleges is Ceasar Maudlin (Crenshaw).

Others: Eric Jordan (Las Vegas), Brandon Sullivan (Poway), Major Culbert (Narbonne), Thiestone Collymore (Oxnard, huge vert!)


Leilyon Myers (Lynwood) is a real good athlete although it's unclear if receiver will be his ultimate position at the next level. He has a good frame, runs well and was being supported from the sidelines by his friend Justin Wyatt. Menelik Holt (St Augustine) is an interesting prospect who hasn't received a lot of big-time attention so far but he has height and catches the ball well with his hands. Lorne Bell (Simi Valley) is a thick receiver who ran good routes.


The most athletic offensive lineman was Ryan Griffith (Los Osos) as nobody could beat him in the one-on-one drills. Sonny Tevaga (Dominguez) has potential but right now he's a big guy and will need to get in better shape to see more interest from the bigger schools. Cleveland Jones (Dorsey) is another big guy with potential.

Others: Sam DeMartinis (Notre Dame, soph), Mitchell Schwartz (Palisades, soph)


Keith Browner (Dorsey) has the natural ability to rush the passer and it showed in the one-on-one drills today. Keith has a tall, lanky frame that should add weight well and he can turn the corner against an offensive lineman with strength and quickness. It still remains to be seen if he will be a DE or an OLB in college but there's a lot to like about his chances to eventually receive an SC offer. Toby Turpin (Los Alamitos) has size and thickness, he has a physical resemblance to Ryan Nielsen coming out of high school. Tim High (Narbonne) is an intriguing prospect who has the physical make-up of an interior defensive lineman but he did not run particularly well today. Cody Pope (University, San Diego) didn't play much last year due to injury but based on what we saw today he will end up being a highly recruited player.

Others: Conan Amituanai (LB Poly), David Carter (Kaiser), Jermaine Williams (Maryvale, AZ)


One of the players who could see his stock rise a lot based on his performance today is Jonathan Cornell (Bishop Amat). Cornell isn't particularly huge right now but he has the kind of frame that will grow well and it's easy to imagine the kind of monster he could grow into with the proper college weight training program. Cornell showed good ability in the pass coverage drills. Another interesting prospect who made a lot of plays on the day was Travis Goethel (Vista) as he cranked out a 4.66 40 to go along with his 6-2, 215 frame. Goethel has a swagger to him on the field as well.

Others: Marcus Yarbrough (Eastlake), DeVohn Moutra (Gardena)


Allen Bradford gets so much attention that it's easy to forget that his Colton teammate Shareece Wright is a pretty good prospect of his own. Wright has good size and moves. There is also a third potential recruit at Colton in corner James Smith. One newcomer that we hadn't seen before was Andy Mattingly (Mead, WA). Andy is a 6-3, 210 safety prospect who looked powerful with his striking size. It remains to be seen if he is fast enough to get a serious look from the Trojans but he is a player who certainly passes the eyeball test on the field. Branton Bowser (Maryvale, AZ) is another out of state prospect who fared well.

Others: Alfred Rowe (LB Poly)

Full results from the Combine, along with video highlights and interviews, will be posted on the football recruiting page in the coming days. Top Stories