May evaluation review

The evaluation period is drawing to a close and the major combines for the spring have been completed. There is still the all-important USC camp sessions coming up in June but for now we would like to give an update on some of the top prospects who made an impact this month in Trojan recruiting.


Tim Tebow is the top priority at quarterback. The Trojan coaches paid a visit to his school and came away with Tebow saying that he will take an official trip to USC. Tim is a dominant athlete who has size, a good arm and excellent running ability.


Michael Goodson has emerged from this period at the top of the wish list with his speed and moves that have caused comparisons to Reggie Bush. LeSean McCoy is also high on the wish list of out of state runners as is C.J. Spiller, Javarris James, DeMarco Murray, Marcus Sims, Mon Williams and Charles Scott. As far as in-state guys, Stafon Johnson tops the list along with C.J. Gable (a possibility on either side of the ball). Other in-state options include Chane Moline (we've offered but he has obvious Bruins ties), Dominic Williams, Andre Harris, Tracy Slocum and Rodney Glass (possible corner as well).


Percy Harvin continues to be the speedy receiver at the top of the wish list. Percy's school was one of the first visited earlier this month and the Trojans have a solid shot. David Ausberry showed at the combines that he is the dominant "big" receiver on the west coast this year and he is leaning to USC. A few out of state players who raised their profile with the Trojans include Vidal Hazelton, DeAndre McDaniel, Riley Cooper, Sam Shields and Tony Wilson. Other in-state players who will continue being recruited are Terrence Austin, Jamere Holland, Ryan McFoy and DeLaShaun Dean. Dorin Dickerson is a tall out of state recruit who could see more interest as the process goes along. Mike Bolio and Maurice Purify are JC recruits with Bolio having already given a verbal commit (he originally planned to enroll this fall but now will look to be here for spring 06).


The top tight end on the West Coast is Konrad Reuland and he is known to have plenty of interest in USC. Konrad will take a tour this summer of out of state schools. The top names on the list in terms of out of state guys are Nate Byham and Jermaine Gresham.


The top two out of state guys on the wish list are Steve Schilling and Sam Young although there are other big names in the mix including Clifton Geathers, Andre Smith and Ian Symonette. Ramone Johnson could get more of a look as well. In terms of in-state talent, there are a lot of good offensive linemen in California but so far there aren't any that really stand out from the crowd. The two who are receiving the most recruiting attention from the Trojans so far are Daniel Mafoe and Jovon Hayes although one DL recruit (Derek Simmons) could also get a look on offense.


The Trojans are going across the country in search of defensive linemen. Gerald McCoy, Chaz Washington, Jerald Odrick, Brandon Antwine and Corey Hobbs are some of the names we will hear a lot more from in the coming months. Louis Holmes is a JC player from Arizona who has a lot of raw ability. We also like Micah Johnson but it's unclear at this point what kind of shot the Trojans have. In-state candidates on the wish list include Keith Browner, Derrick Hill, Derek Simmons, A.J. Simmons, Toby Turpin, Justin Prueitt and DeShon Matthews.


There are a trio of backers who stand out right now on the wish list in Allen Bradford, Joshua Tatum and A.J. Jones. Bradford could end up being the top player on the west coast although there are still some who think he has a future at running back. Jones has the kind of speed Pete Carroll loves. There are other in-state guys who will get continued looks including Jonathan Cornell, Travis Goethel, Jurray Casey, Mark Johnson and UCLA commit Tobi Umodu. Brandon Graham is a verbal commit to Michigan but he will pay a visit to the USC campus next month.


This could be a great safety class with the Trojans looking good for three of the best in the country (Taylor Mays, Jonas Mouton and Antwine Perez). Mouton is also taking a long look at SEC schools. We're also heavily recruiting Jamar Hornsby but he seems more wide open than the other three safeties at this point. Possible options at corner so far include Jai Eugene, Ray Small, Darian Hagan, Chykie Brown, Vincent Joseph and Devin Ross. Some good athletes who can play multiple positions and might get consideration at corner include Leiylon Myers, Brandon Caleb and Shareece Wright. Top Stories