Junior to watch: DL Matt Malele

Although it's early on in the recruiting process for next years recruits, one player that is guaranteed to be near the top of every college coach's wish list is Matt Malele, out of Carson High School. The defensive tackle is generally considered one of the top prospects at his position in the entire country and this is reflected in the huge amount of attention he is already receiving. As a junior, he had 42 tackles, 4 QB hurries, and a blocked PAT.

Wearesc- Can I get your height, weight, and 40 time?

Malele- "My height is 6'2, 312 pounds, and my forty is a 5.2."

Wearesc- What schools are you looking at right now?

Malele- "All of the Pac-10, Tennessee, and Notre Dame."

Wearesc- Who's offered so far?

Malele- "Arizona, Stanford, Tennessee, and UCLA."

Wearesc- Any favorites out of the schools you are considering?

Malele- "Not really."

Wearesc- So, you're pretty wide open right now?

Malele- "Yep."

Wearesc- Do you hear from any schools more than the others?

Malele- "Wisconsin, LSU, and Oregon."

Wearesc- Are you going to any of the Junior Day's coming up?

Malele- "Yeah, I'm going to the UCLA Junior Day this weekend and the USC one next week."

Wearesc- Are you going to any of the camps this summer?

Malele- "Probably just the Nike camp."

Wearesc- What are you looking for in the school you choose?

Malele- "The environment, academics, and their football team…..what they put into their football program."

Wearesc- Did you grow up following any particular team?

Malele- "No, not really."

Wearesc- What are some of the things that got you interested in USC?

Malele- "It's close to home and a lot of Polynesians go there. I've been there a couple times and watched the practices and I like the way Pete Carroll runs his practices."

Wearesc- Have you had a chance to talk to any of the USC coaches?

Malele- "Yeah, Kennedy Pola came to the school and Coach Walker. They were nice people and they want to see the players succeed."

Wearesc- Do you know any of the Trojan players and recent signee's?

Malele- "I went to junior high with Hershel [Dennis] and I know Fred [Matua] and Mailo."

Wearesc- Have you talked to them about recruiting?

Malele- "No, not recently."

Wearesc- What do you consider your strengths at the defensive tackle spot?

Malele- "Run stopping basically. Plugging the holes and finding the ball."

Wearesc- Is there anything you're trying to improve on for next year?

Malele- "Basically, my forty time, and the coaches are working with us on our footwork and I'm trying to get my vertical jump up."

Wearesc- How does your team look for next year?

Malele- "Oh, we're stacked."

Wearesc- Oh yeah?

Malele- "Yeah, probably out of all of my three years on varsity, it's probably the best team we've had."

Wearesc- Do you play any other sports?

Malele- "Just for fun, but for school I shot-put for the track team."

Wearesc- Have you maxed lately on your bench and squat?

Malele- "The last time I maxed was last summer and it was 315. I was lifting on Tuesday and I hit the 315 four times. So we max on Friday and I'll find out. My squat was 415 last summer."

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