C.J. Gable recruiting update

When it comes down to his college major, California running back C.J. Gable (6-1, 190, 4.5) has a very clear mind.

"I want to major in architecture. I really like to design stuff--I've been doing it since I was a kid," said Gable, from Sylmar High School.

"I had a teacher in grade school that helped me figure out how to organize shapes and find perimeters. Since then I've always liked to do that. In high school I've been working with CAD programs (computer aided drafting) and I don't like that as much as drawing, but that's how they do it these days.

"As far as football goes, I've got over 25 offers and my top five is still Miami, USC, LSU, Florida and Oklahoma. I don't have a leader at this time, still," he said.

"I'll have time to figure out who my leader is when school gets out in two weeks.

"Miami and Florida haven't offered me, and I don't know if they will. I think they want to see how I do in school and on the SAT.

"I like how both of those Florida schools always have good teams. They're always really strong and fast, and I like how they do everything quick.

"USC has been sending me more stuff again and I feel real comfortable with talking to coach (Greg) Burns (secondary) on the phone," said Gable. "I've been to a lot of their football games and I really like how they run both their offense and their defense.

"Oklahoma's defense is pretty good and I like how everybody is always flying around to get the ball. They've got some great architecture there from what I've seen in pictures, but I've never been there," he said.

"Miami and LSU are recruiting me as a running back, while Florida and Oklahoma want me as a cornerback. USC is recruiting me as an athlete for both offense and defense. I really don't have a preference for one or the other. All that matters is that I'm on the field," concluded Gable.

Gable reports a 3.0 GPA/May 7 first-time SAT undisclosed

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