Turner adjusts to SC life

New Trojans receiver arrives on campus

Yes, Patrick Turner is homesick for Tennessee, Doesn't every kid who goes away for the first time yearn for the comforts of home?

But Turner says no one should worry about him – he's in good hands. Experienced hands, in fact.

``Dwayne Jarrett tells me how it is,'' says Turner. ``He was the same way when he came to S.C. a year ago.''

Indeed, Jarrett had his bags packed, and was thinking of jumping ship and returning to New Jersey several times before settling in as one of the star receivers of the 2004 USC national championship football team.

Turner, who was studying a Trojan playbook when the interview began, says he's observed ``a faster pace of life'' in California, but loves the weather.

``No humidity here,'' he says with a smile.

The 6-5 Turner, for whom huge things are expected during his freshman season, has been engaging in passing drills with quarterbacks Matt Leinart, John David Booty and Mark Sanchez since his arrival in California on June 10.

Turner says he's eagerly awaiting the seven-on-seven drills with his new teammates as the summer wears on.

And he's happy he made a decision to become a Trojan.

``I actually committed to S.C. early, but kept it quiet so I wouldn't get so much pressure from the University of Tennessee. But I have to admit, UT put on a final rush that had me thinking.

``But, in the end, S.C. had so much more to offer over the long haul. By that, I mean life after football. There will be so many more job opportunities for me here after I'm through with football than there would have been back home. All in all, I just felt this was the place for me to be.''

Naturally, Pete Carroll and his coaching staff felt the same way.

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