Scrimmage recap

The Trojans held their first scrimmage of fall camp today and it was an opportunity to see just how explosive this offense can be. Matt Leinart led three scoring drives on his first four possessions while William Buchanon caught three touchdown passes (one from Leinart and two from Mark Sanchez) and John David Booty added a TD pass to Fred Davis. Reggie Bush also ran for a score. Click below for more details:

1st team offense

Leinart, Bush, Kirtman, Smith, Jarrett, Davis, Baker, Lutui, Kalil, Matua, Justice

1st team defense

Jackson, Ramsey, Ellis, Rucker, Williams, Powdrell, Rivers, Wyatt, Thomas, Ware, Bing

* Deuce Lutui got the start at LG ahead of Drew Radovich. Dallas Sartz sat out the practice with a hip pointer (suffered yesterday in a collision with John Walker) so Thomas Williams got the start at SLB.

Leinart brought the offense out and immediately hit Fred Davis for a short gain. Desmond Reed came in a few plays later and headed right before cutting upfield for a long gain of more than 50 yards with Ware finally tracking him down. Leinart then hit Reggie on a slip screen to the middle and then Matt passed to Brandon Hancock out of the flat to get the ball inside the 5 yard line where Keith Rivers drove him out of bounds. It was vintage Hancock as he snuck out of the backfield and quickly moved downfield with the ball in his hands. From there Reggie took two shots at the middle of the line and on the second attempt he was able to get into the end zone thanks in part to a great block by Lutui who pushed Ellis three yards backwards.

John David Booty led the second offense and his first play was a handoff to Desmond and he had another nice run. All Desmond does when he gets on the field is make things happen. Booty hit Patrick Turner along the sideline for a nice pick-up with coverage by Kevin Thomas. Another Reed run was stopped at the line with a nice play by Oscar Lua to stuff the run for no gain. Booty hit Greig Carlson in the flat for five yards with a hard tackle by Terrell Thomas. Chauncey Washington had a long run off Kyle Williams at LT. Booty hit Carlson with a couple more short passes but some good defense by Thomas held them short of the first down and the ball was turned over.

The next drive was a short one for Leinart as he completed a pass to Reggie on the first play but Powdrell came in quickly to get Bush before he could get upfield. Keith Rivers ran down Reggie on a run to the outside and on 3rd down Scott Ware batted away a pass attempt to Fred Davis.

On the next drive for Booty the only notable play was a pass completion to Turner with Jim Abbott making the stop.

The following series for Leinart got started with a coverage sack and on second down Reggie tried to get to the outside but Frostee Rucker strung the play to the sideline and John Walker made a nice physical tackle for no gain. On the following play Matt threw a deep pass down the middle to Vanderboom for the touchdown.

Chauncey Washington got things started on the next possession with a run that was stopped at the line by Fili Moala. Travis Tofi had a sack and was extremely fired up afterwards. A run play was stuffed and the ball was turned over.

Leinart dropped back to pass on the first play and LaJuan Ramsey was able to apply pressure and knock down the pass attempt. Desmond had a short run and then Matt hit Chris McFoy on back to back throws to pick up good yardage. Matt kept the ball in the air by throwing to Davis and Fred did a great job to shake the tackle of Darnell Bing (hard to do) and he picked up five or six extra yards in the process. Leinart then hit Buchanon with a pass for the touchdown.

The team broke for halftime.

Mark Sanchez came out for his first series and he completed a sideline pattern to Brad Walker who went up high to make the nice grab. Mark then dropped back and tried to hit a receiver but Brian Cushing was able to fill the passing line and he came down with the interception.

The next drive for Booty stalled after a dropped pass by Andre Woodert and a sack by Kyle Moore.

Sanchez came out and quickly went deep after scrambling around and throwing the ball long to Buchanon who caught the ball in stride one step ahead of Kevin Thomas for a 75 yard touchdown. It was a beautiful throw and catch and it wasn't the last we would hear from that combination today.

Travis Tofi got quick penetration on Booty to force an incomplete pass. Tofi had a good day and he could be valuable as a reserve who can play any spot along the d-line. Booty hit McFoy dragging across the middle and then Kyle Moore had another sack. The freshman Moore has certainly made an impact so far in camp. Booty finished the drive shortly after that by throwing a touchdown pass to Fred Davis.

Mike McDonald hit Jimmy Miller for a pair of completions on his series of downs.

Mark Sanchez ended the scrimmage the right way with another impressive toss. Once again it was Sanchez to Buchanon as Mark let fly with another deep pass that William ran under without missing a step and he strode into the end zone ahead of Kevin Thomas. You had to feel bad for Kevin as he actually had decent coverage on both touchdowns but this was a great illustration of what Buchanon can do with his speed.

All in all it was good to see the offense move the ball so well, even if it came at the expense of our own defense. Let's face it, a lot of defenses are going to have troubles stopping our offense so it's no shame in giving up touchdowns to Leinart and company. The offensive run game looked good early on, specifically Bush and Reed, but it slowed down as the day went along and the defense stiffened. There still doesn't appear to be a clear-cut leader for the MLB spot and that is something that will need to work itself out in the remaining weeks of camp. Top Stories