Fall Camp Day 10

Yesterday after the practice report was posted one of our regular posters commented that he was looking forward to the day when the report said the defense won the day. Well, nick817, today is your day as the defense got the better of things in the Saturday afternoon session including some very good work in nickel situations and the two minute offense.

Don't get me wrong, the offense had their share of plays, but for the most part the defense showed up in a big way and they even had a couple big plays of their own.

You started to get the sense that this could be a big day for the defense in the run drill on Brian Kennedy Field when the defense shut down many of the offensive plays. Darnell Bing had a nice play when he came up and stopped LenDale White at the line with a solid hit. Rey Maualuga also had a good tackle on White after LenDale had broken tackle attempts by Kyle Moore and Fili Moala. The big offensive plays in the drill were provided by Chauncey Washington as he broke one long touchdown run thanks to a great cutback move in the secondary. Chauncey almost broke another long run when he followed blocks from Sam Baker and David Kirtman but a shoestring tackle brought him down.

In the first kicking session both kickers made 32 yard attempts but both missed from 42 (Danelo short, Van Blarcom wide right).

In the 11 on 11 team drill the offense worked a lot on the short passing game and the defense played a lot of nickel packages. The defense had Chris Barrett with the first team at DE in many situations and the linebackers were Thomas Williams and Keith Rivers with Terrell Thomas, Justin Wyatt and John Walker as the three corners. Matt Leinart hit Dwayne Jarrett on the first play with Scott Ware coming up to make the tackle. A couple slant plays to Steve Smith and Whitney Lewis were successful as well. John David Booty came in and one of his first plays was a pick by Kevin Thomas that was taken back for a long return but there was definitely a mix-up on the pattern between Booty and his receiver as Thomas was standing by himself when the ball came right to him. Booty threw high on the next attempt to Davis and then settled down with a short completion to Smith. Thomas Williams made a nice play with an emphatic hit to drive David Kirtman out of bounds near the sidelines. Kirtman caught a short pass and Terrell Thomas grabbed him by the jersey and swung him to the ground. Will Harris came on a blitz for a sack on Booty. Mark Sanchez came in and had a couple completions, one to Smith on a slant where he received a hard hit from Will Harris and then a swing pass to LenDale where Brian Cushing made a good play to drag him down after a short gain.

Leinart came in for another series and hit perhaps his prettiest pass of the day by dropping a mid-range pass to Jarrett over the outstretched arms of Terrell Thomas. Leinart then showed his stronger arm by zipping a pass to the sideline to Jimmy Miller. Chauncey then provided another offensive highlight with a 70 yard touchdown scamper off right tackle that caused Pete Carroll to throw both arms in the air for the touchdown pose as Chauncey was racing toward the end zone.

A delayed handoff to Kirtman went for no gain as Luthur Brown read the play well and strung it out toward the sideline until he was able to make the tackle. Leinart then got picked off by John Walker who had a nice return thanks to a lead block from Oscar Lua.

The offense went to the 2:00 minute drill and the defense did an excellent job to keep them out of the end zone. Kirtman was the workhorse early with a pair of catches and a short run before Leinart hooked up with McFoy along the sideline for a good gain. Patrick Turner then made one of his best catches of camp when Matt basically threw one high and up for grabs between Turner and Terrell Thomas with Turner simply reaching above Terrell to make the catch inside the ten yard line. Nothing much Terrell could do on that play. Kirtman tried going up the middle on a run but there was nothing there and the offense was forced to settle for a 20 yard Troy Van Blarcom field goal. Booty came in and hit Hancock with a short pass and then Jimmy Miller for 10 yards with Will Harris making the strong tackle. Kyle Moore and Averell Spicer stopped an Andre Woodert run behind the line of scrimmage. Short completions to Brad Walker and Will Buchanon brought the ball into field goal range but Mario Danelo was short on his 39 yard attempt.

Other notes:

* Reggie Bush did not practice, he was dressed but did not go through any drills.

* Linebacker recruits Allen Bradford (Colton) and Jonathan Cornell (Bishop Amat) were in attendance. Cornell arrived later in the practice while Bradford was there for the whole day and he was receiving a lot of attention from the coaches throughout the day. Coach Todd McNair spent the most time with Allen and his group, which included his father, and several players spent time with him as well including LenDale White, Justin Wyatt, Darnell Bing and Scott Ware.

* When the offensive line had to do some up/downs as a result of losing one drill against the d-line, Coach Pat Ruel hit the ground with his players and knocked out the reps.

* Jarrett had a TD in 7 on 7 drills on a fade pattern over Cary Harris. Smith added a touchdown in that drill and Jim Abbott had a nice pass break-up.

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