20 questions with Sedrick Ellis

In this edition of "20 Questions" we get to know Trojan sophomore nose tackle Sedrick Ellis.

1. What is your favorite thing to do on the field? Stop the run

2. What is your favorite thing to do off the field? Sit around and play dominoes with the guys

3. What is your favorite memory so far at USC? Beating Oklahoma 55-19 in the Orange Bowl

4. What was your favorite play from last year? Oregon State. We were on the goal line, about three yards out and they ran a power play. I slipped the guard, made a big tackle in the backfield and it got us off the field.

5. If you could play a different position for one day, what would it be? I would have to be a linebacker. They get a five yard head start and they get to bang, it seems like it would be a fun position.

6. If all the defensive linemen were on American Idol, who would be sent home first and why? It would probably be Lawrence Miles because he doesn't like to talk that much.

7. What is your favorite class you've taken at USC? Geography - Natural Disasters with Mr. McKenzie

8. If you don't play football for a living, what would you like to do? I would maybe get into the entertainment business somehow, do some producing or something like that

9. What is your favorite movie? It's a foreign film, City of God

10. What song is at the top of your playlist? Go and Get Em by Jeeze

11. Three words that describe your personality are… Laid back, relaxed and (paused) cool I guess (laughing)

12. Three words that describe your game are… mean, vicious, persistent

13. Who or what do you credit the most for getting you to where you are right now? My mom and dad

14. What is your individual goal for the season? Make plays and keep up the tradition of the good d-linemen we've had in the past

15. Other than the Coliseum, what is your favorite stadium to play in? Orange Bowl

16. Who are Trojan fans going to be surprised by this year? Sedrick Ellis

17. Who do you pattern your game after? I don't really take after any one player. I take a little bit from different guys and try to make it my own

18. Something most people don't know about you is… I'm really a nice guy off the field

19. If you could have dinner with any three people, who would they be? Stacey Dash, Mariah Carey and Jay-Z

20. What do you think of your role on the d-line this year? I feel my responsibility as the nose tackle is to anchor the line and so I take it upon myself to keep up the level of play which has been set by the guys before me

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