Monday practice report

The Trojans held their first game week practice of the year today as they held a session on Cromwell Field.

The early anticipation of the day came when Tom Malone came out with the special teams group as everyone was waiting to see how Tom looked in his first day of punting this fall. Tom has not kicked to this point in camp due to a right hip flexor problem but he was able to get in 5-6 light kicks during warm-ups and it didn't seem to cause him much noticeable pain. After that he went to the sidelines and put ice on his hip and that was the only action he got for the rest of the day except for his work as the holder on placekicks. When the team worked on live punt drills later in the day we saw Taylor Odegard take all the punts except for two and those two were handled by Reggie Bush. Reggie shanked the first kick but got off a pretty good effort on his second kick.

Speaking of kickers, Mario Danelo had a great day and it was as good as we have seen from him. Mario made all his kicks during the field goal session including a 49 yard kick to end the drill.

As this was the first day of game week we saw a lot of work for the defense against the wide open scout team offense which was mirroring the Hawaii plays. The secondary coverage by the Trojans was excellent and the linebackers, particularly Dallas Sartz and Keith Rivers, were also very active chasing down short passes.

Fred Matua had a nice block on Oscar Lua during a run drill. Brian Cushing filled the hole well on a David Kirtman run. Sartz read a reverse well and made a TFL. Rivers tipped away a slant pass and later popped Fred Davis as Fred was trying to bring in a ball that he was juggling along the sideline. Darnell Bing and Ryan Ting both made interceptions. Kevin Ellison had a pick of a Leinart pass in the end zone of one drill when Kevin Thomas tipped a pass away from Carlson. In the lineman one on one drills Lawrence Jackson beat Winston Justice (a rare occurence) and Lawrence Miles showed a very quick move to get by Deuce Lutui.

Michael Coleman and Nick Vanderboom were getting a lot of agility work in on the sidelines, Coleman was making some hard cuts as he looks to return to the practice field soon. Mozique McCurtis was working with the trainers while using the rubber band resistance drills that Leinart used in the spring.

Luthur Brown and Whitney Lewis did not practice. Top Stories