Wednesday practice notes

The Trojans had a very spirited shorts and shoulder pads practice today with a lot of situational work that saw the offense having a lot of success against the defense in a competitive setting.

During the drills at the end of the day, which had a lighter competitive tone than normal, we saw John David Booty drop a nice pass in to Patrick Turner between coverage from Kevin Thomas and Brandon Ting. Booty later threw a wheel route touchdown to Mike Brittingham. Mark Sanchez threw a touchdown to Greig Carlson and the offense had been so dominant that Fred Matua and Deuce Lutui put Carlson on their shoulders after the score for the walk back to the huddle. There were also a few trick plays that were run by the offense with good success and after one of the plays went for a touchdown there was so much celebration by the offense that John Walker went over to one of the referees and pulled his flag out and threw it on the field for excessive celebration.

Mario Danelo hit field goals from 43 and 45 and then hit the crossbar (no good) from 50 yards.

Averell Spicer had a sack when the scout defense went agains the first offense.

There were some nice hits when the first defense went against the scout offense. The biggest one came from Oscar Lua on Jody Adewale where Oscar left both his feet as he made the hit and drove Jody on his back. Dallas Sartz had a pop on Brittingham. Kevin Ellison had a big hit and Collin Ashton had an interception.

Michael Coleman and Nick Vanderboom were both dressed and working on agility drills on a side field during practice to continue with their rehab.

After practice we saw Pete Carroll and Mark Sanchez taking turns throwing a ball over the goalpost crossbar from 25-30 yard distances and landing it on the camera lift directly behind the crossbar. Steve Sarkisian and Brennan Carroll were out there for a while but they stopped after several minutes and left Sanchez and Carroll alone to continue on for another five minutes.

LenDale White, Darnell Bing and Whitney Lewis did not practice. Top Stories