FSN2's "Trojan Rewind": Video Preview

If you had a chance to tune into Fox Sports Net West 2 on Tuesday night at 10:30, you got a look at "Trojan Rewind," one of most exciting shows to come around for USC football fans in quite awhile. Check out some highlights of this week's show in this exclusive video footage.

On "Trojan Rewind", USC fans will experience the prior weekend's game in a dramatic, innovative 30-minute package. Airing Tuesdays at 10:30 PM, "Trojan Rewind" is a new format that uses many different camera angles, including some that will be seen for the first time, to illustrate the intensity of game play. The program employs sounds of the game and the actual radio calls, instead of a host or reporter, to tell the story. Game footage is cut with coach and player reactions to help bring the fan back to the drama of the game itself.

Remaining air dates this week (all on FSN2):

Wednesday @ 10am

Wednesday @ 6pm

Click below for some highlights of the show:


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