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New Jersey Wilson HS safety Antwine Perez, ranked as the #3 player at his position in the country, took part in a chat room session with WeAreSC subscribers earlier this week. Click below for a transcript:

AntwinePerez:: hi u doin
ChicagoTroy:: Antwine, have you made your decision - SC or UM
AntwinePerez:: nah no decision yet

TrojanBandDad:: Did you enjoy the game Antwine?
AntwinePerez:: yea it was a very exciting atmosphere

SoCalRocks:: AP did SC look the same live as on TV?
AntwinePerez:: honestly in person they looked much more unstoppable

trojaneddy:: antwine, how is woodrow wilson looking this yr? i have actually been to your games and have seen guys like turk mcbride play
AntwinePerez:: wilson is looking fine

MahatmaKaneJeeves:: Antwine, what does USC offer that makes it one of your favorites?
AntwinePerez:: its offers the total package of winning tradition and academics

TrojanBandDad:: Is distance a factor in your final decision?
AntwinePerez:: distance is nothing that's why UM and SC are my final 2

JDGTrojan1:: AP, what do you think will be your biggest adjustment from High School to College?
AntwinePerez:: biggest adjutsment would be the speed of the game
AntwinePerez:: cause in high school i can jus do whatever i want

trojaneddy:: are you playing qb again this yr?
AntwinePerez:: yea i play QB

paulmcc:: Antwine: What do your buddies call you?
AntwinePerez:: they call me twon

gengola:: twine... what number do you want to wear at the college level?
AntwinePerez:: it doesnt matter what number i have on
AntwinePerez:: i dont have a preference

woohit:: Antwine, what do you like best about your final two schools
AntwinePerez:: both schools are jus 2 programs u cant go wrong with
CHASEinNYC:: Antwine, we all have a ton of respect for Michigan
SCesq:: right, you have great choices left
CHASEinNYC:: a great school

CHASEinNYC:: Hey, Antwine, do you watch college football.....I mean, are you a fan?
AntwinePerez:: i love college football

gengola:: antwine... how did you get along with ray small..
AntwinePerez:: ray small is cool

MahatmaKaneJeeves:: Is playing at the next level after college something you are considering when making your final choice?
AntwinePerez:: yea i would have to say its something i would want to do
AntwinePerez:: but if its not my fate then o well, ill have to move on
AntwinePerez:: no one can play the game forever
sctrojans1:: so true
woohit:: that's true Antwine and both schools have great academics
SoCalRocks:: That's true AP, what do you want to major in?
AntwinePerez:: i like communications rite now
AntwinePerez:: but in my opinion u cant enter college with a major because u are not 100% if its what u want to do
AntwinePerez:: people change like 3 times
TrojanBandDad:: I hear ya AP, my daughter started in Econ and ended up with a fine arts degree
MahatmaKaneJeeves:: That is a very realistic attitude about playing pro ball and makes the academic choice an important one...

trojaneddy:: antwine, people are starting realize how good nj football really is
AntwinePerez:: yea jersey fball is top notch

SoCalRocks:: Antwine when your not studying or playing football what are your other hobbies or things you enjoy doing?
AntwinePerez:: i just hang out with friends

trojaneddy:: antwine, will you play in the governors bowl?
AntwinePerez:: no

jefftrojantheft:: When will you graduate, I hear you want to enroll early?
AntwinePerez:: im a midyear grad

SoCalRocks:: Antwine, now that you have narrowed your choices to two colleges, how many phone calls do you get a week?
AntwinePerez:: a billion phone calls

Fort Worth Trojan:: Antwine, what is the biggest selling point for SC and Michigan?
AntwinePerez:: the programs sell themselves

SCouthbayTrojan:: Talk about your style of play...the big hit or the pick?
AntwinePerez:: it don't matter. i just tend to get a lot of big hits
ScottSchrader:: i dont know why
SCouthbayTrojan:: luv it.....to stick is better than to be stuck!
AntwinePerez:: i cant tell u my style i dont want to give away the secret lol

gouxgate:: Antwine what was the highlight of your trip to SC?
AntwinePerez:: the best was the trojan walk and just coming out the tunnel be4 the game i started to get goosebumps and i wasnt even playing

KingofTroy:: Antwine, do you see yourself as an impact player and whom would you compare yourself to? THANKS
AntwinePerez:: i dont compare my style to anyone really
AntwinePerez:: i want to be my own person
SCouthbayTrojan:: i like the way you think and carry yourself....your parents should be proud

georgiajoan:: Antwine, your father came with you to SC. What were his impressions?
AntwinePerez:: my dad is a guy that likes anything that involves me so of course he likes SC but also UM to

jacksonsf:: Twon, who is your favorite nfl player?
AntwinePerez:: my fav nfl plyr is peyton manning
AntwinePerez:: im a colts fan
AntwinePerez:: i dont know why

SCesq:: when did you first take real notice of SC? recently?
AntwinePerez:: like 2 yrs ago

ChicagoTroy:: Antwine, what are the 2 most important factors in your decision?
AntwinePerez:: too many factors too name just 2

FlyingTrojan:: Antwine, are you graduating early and do you plan on taking part in spring practices?
AntwinePerez:: i plan on playing spring ball

JDGTrojan1:: AP - what was your impressions of coach Pete Carroll and T-Mac?
AntwinePerez:: tmac is the coolest dude youll ever meet
AntwinePerez:: down 2 earth type guy
AntwinePerez:: coach carroll is just how everyone describes him
AntwinePerez:: a players coach

nomadtrojan:: How do you plan to announce?
AntwinePerez:: dont have any plans yet
AntwinePerez:: nothing real exciting
AntwinePerez:: im not a flashy dude

jacksonsf:: Twon, do you think that you could take Pete in a game of one on one basketball?
AntwinePerez:: i think i could
AntwinePerez:: i got some skills on the court
rts46:: Pete is better than he looks, lol
AntwinePerez:: i know he is
southbaytrojan:: he's got a good jumper..
AntwinePerez:: but i am just confident
rts46:: I'm sure you could take him Antwine
sctrojans1:: I hear pete is pretty good.
JDGTrojan1:: He's got the outside J...
woohit:: lol AP would like to see that

sctrojans1:: how did you like the USC campus
AntwinePerez:: its nice
AntwinePerez:: great scenery

password:: In college will you play safety or cornerback?
AntwinePerez:: safety
AntwinePerez:: well it really dont matter
AntwinePerez:: wherever coach needs me
AntwinePerez:: ill play anywhere

gouxgate:: it was really generous of you to share your time with us Antwine. Who's next on the schedule for Wilson?
AntwinePerez:: we play fri
AntwinePerez:: against nothern burlignton
AntwinePerez:: irving fryars son plays on dat team
rts46:: Irving Fryar was quite a player
jacksonsf:: Irving was a stud for Nebraska

jacksonsf:: It is a school night so we probably shouldn't take up too much of your time.
AntwinePerez:: aight thanx everyone
AntwinePerez:: i think its my bed time now
jacksonsf:: Same, good luck on your decision
Danmed:: Good Luck
ChicagoTroy:: Antwine - thanks for your time and good luck with your decision
MC4SC:: best of luck to you antwine!
AntwinePerez:: u guys will get to find out my decision some time next week
ChicagoTroy:: You're a class act. Thanks
CptBill:: Good luck with your choice. Whatever your decision, count me a fan.
BoomBoom:: best wishes, antwine.
JDGTrojan1:: Fight On AP! Good luck to ya
gouxgate:: Thanks Antwine
FlyingTrojan:: fight on, AP...Good luck with whatever you do!!!
uscmom:: Have a great season
georgiajoan:: Thank you, Antwine.
MC4SC:: we can't wait!!!! fight on!!!
JDGTrojan1:: yes - looking forward to it. Fight on!
nomadtrojan:: Thanx for the Chat and good luck wherever you go!

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