VIDEO PREVIEW: This Week's "Trojan Rewind"

It was another big win for the Trojans this past weekend against Arizona, and you can re-live it all on the newest edition of "Trojan Rewind" on FSN West 2. Check out this preview clip to get a taste of what's in store this week.

In the newest episode of "Trojan Rewind" you'll get a unique bird's eye view of last Saturday's USC-Wildcat game. Utilizing tons of different camera angles, including from the sideline right next to the action, "Trojan Rewind" brings USC fans right into the middle of all of the drama. Click the link below for a preview of this week's show, set to air Tuesday night at 10:30 pm on FSN WEST 2.


"Trojan Rewind" airs regularly throughout the season at the following times:

Tuesday @ 10:30 pm

Wednesday @ 10 am

Wednesday @ 6 pm Top Stories