Tuesday practice report

That was a good solid practice to get things going for Notre Dame week. The team looked crisp and sharp in their execution and you could tell there was an extra bounce in the players steps.

All eyes were on Reggie Bush early and he was able to go through the early part of the day without any noticeable problems but he was held out for the last half as a precaution. It is strictly a bruise to his knee so it's something that should get even better as the week goes along.

LaJuan Ramsey went through a similar schedule by working with the first team defense against the scout offense and then basically shutting it down for the rest of the day. Ramsey recovered a fumble while he was in there.

Will Harris practiced as did Greig Carlson. Dallas Sartz was dressed but he spent the vast majority of the day on the sideline and he will talk with the coaches and trainers tonight about the possibility of him playing or sitting it out (looking more and more likely).

Tom Malone had a good day punting the ball.

The play of the day was made by Dominique Byrd with a one-handed grab down the middle of the field that was similar to his catch last year against Oregon State. Fred Davis also had a couple good catches.

This was as good as we've seen Matt Leinart look in several weeks. His mid-range passes were on the money today. Steve Smith had the 2nd best catch of the day on a crossing route over the middle from Leinart.

Jeff Schweiger made a terrific stop on Andre Woodert at the line of scrimmage and drove him into the ground. Desmond Reed had several nice runs in the team drill with Reggie sitting out.

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