VIDEO PREVIEW: "Trojan Rewind" - ND Edition

This past weekend's USC-Notre Dame clash is already being hailed as one of the geatest college football games of all-time, making the newest episode of FSN2's "Trojan Rewind" a must-see for any Trojan fan. Check out this preview clip for a taste of what's in store.

From Reggie Bush's spectacular touchdown jaunt in the opening quarter to Matt Leinart's game-winning score with time winding down, the newest edition of "Trojan Rewind" is going to have it all. And with exclusive footage taken right from the USC sideline, you'll get a behind-the-scenes view of the Trojan victory that you won't see anywhere else. Make sure to catch it this Tuesday night at 10:30 pm on FSN West 2.

Click the link below for a preview of this week's show:


"Trojan Rewind" airs regularly throughout the season at the following times:

Tuesday @ 10:30 pm

Wednesday @ 10 am

Wednesday @ 6 pm Top Stories