Wednesday practice tidbits

It was good to see Josh Pinkard looking so comfortable at corner today, he had a real nice interception off a low thrown ball from Mark Sanchez during service team drills and he showed good coverage during the passing team drills. The more and more you see Pinkard at the spot the more it looks like a move that is going to work out.

The man Pinkard is replacing, John Walker, was on the sidelines today and is vowing he will return by the Stanford game. After waiting so long for his opportunity Walker is understandably frustrated at getting hurt just as the team begins the stretch run of the season.

Another injured defensive back, Kevin Ellison, made an appearance at practice with a cast on his left leg and he also was using a walking cane.

There was a lot of work on kickoff coverage with Brian Cushing hustling down as part of the group.

Ryan Kalil did not practice more than a few snaps today as his back is a little sore and he took most of the practice off as a precautionary measure. Fred Matua took the majority of snaps at center with Chilo Rachal filling in for Fred at right guard. Matua had a couple real nice blocks against Averell Spicer in the lineman one on one drills where Fred simply dominated the freshman on back to back plays.

A pair of Matt Leinart to Dwayne Jarrett touchdown passes were the highlight of the team drill to end the day. The first TD came on a 35 yard pass down the middle where the only defender near Jarrett was Pete Carroll and the coach made a move toward Jarrett after he caught the ball as if to go for a tackle but then quickly pulled away as Dwayne cruised in for the score. Leinart also completed a nice slant to Steve Smith for a 20 yard gain and Michael Coleman had a couple short receptions that he turned into good yardage with the ball in his hands.

Mario Danelo kicked well today including a 42 yarder....Will Harris practiced at safety.....Chris Barrett worked at DT behind LaJuan Ramsey and Fili Moala....Spike Lee made an appearance at the beginning of practice before going to speak to a class on campus....There are four scheduled official visitors this weekend; Percy Harvin, LeSean McCoy, Michael Morgan and Brandon Antwine (there had been rumors that Michael Goodson may be on a trip but that will not happen this weekend). The sidelines will be packed with former Trojan players and a celebrity or two to showcase how much USC games have become an LA event. Top Stories