VIDEO PREVIEW: This Week's "Trojan Rewind"

To get an up-close look at USC's victory over Washington State in a way that you haven't seen before, make sure to tune into this week's episode of "Trojan Rewind," airing Tuesday at 10:30 pm on FSN WEST 2. Check out this short preview clip, highlighting Rey Maualuga's monster hit in the first quarter, to get a taste of what's in store.

Click the link below for the preview:


"Trojan Rewind" airs regularly throughout the season at the following times:

Tuesday @ 10:30 pm

Wednesday @ 10 am

Wednesday @ 6 pm

And don't forget about "USC Football Press Conference." Immediately following "Trojan Rewind" at 11 pm on Tuesday night on FSN West 2, it takes you through Pete Carroll's press conference from earlier in the day, while also showcasing interviews with Trojan players, as well as commentary on USC's next opponent. Top Stories