VIDEO: Trojan Halloween Prank

LenDale White proved to be quite the actor this past Monday when he pulled off a Halloween prank, originally planned by head coach Pete Carroll, that caught the Trojan team off-guard. Watch the entire event unfold in this video clip, provided by FSN West.

In the following video clip, you'll see White pull off the pre-planned joke that made national headlines. In it, White noticably sulks and vents his frustration over not receiving enough carries in the offense before storming off the field. Moments later, he reappears on the roof of a nearby building and screams down at the team below, eventually becoming involved in a physical confrontation with equipment coordinator Tino Dominguez. At that point Dominguez appears to throw White off the rooftop down onto the pavement below. In actuality, it's just a dummy with White's jersey on.... See it all here, in video footage provided by FSN West:

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