Recruits spotted at Stanford game

Click below for a list of recruits spotted at the USC vs Stanford game including quotes from Wells and McCoy with their thoughts on the game.

The following recruits were spotted tonight at the game:

RB Chris Wells
DL Gerald McCoy
LB A.J. Jones
TE Konrad Rueland
OL Zack Heberer
WR Travon Patterson
DB Alfred Rowe
DL Kenny Rowe (junior)
DB Ryan McFoy
DB Vincent Joseph

Chris Wells - "That was amazing. This was great for me to come out and see these dudes do their thing, it was crazy man, crazy. The thing that most impressed me was their blocking schemes, they just seemed to know what they were doing. And the atmosphere, man, that was great. I've always wanted to come up here to USC and now that I've been here I've only got two words to say...California love".

Chris was hosted on the visit by Fred Davis, the two didn't know each other in Ohio but Chris said he had definitely been reading about Fred for a long time. Chris said he still considers himself an Ohio State commit at this point.

Gerald McCoy - "It was cool the way the team worked together to come out with this victory. They just dominated and I liked the way they worked. I knew by hanging out with them last night how they prepared for the game and how focused they were, after I saw that I knew the game was going to turn out that way. You see them win by 50 and when you see them prepare you understand why that happens. These are fun guys and they can play football too. I also loved the fans, those are true fans. They were cheering and going crazy the whole game".

Gerald was hosted on his visit by Sedrick Ellis.

Zack Heberer - "It was exciting, I can't wait until it's my turn to be out there".

note - Travon Patterson denied the story from the Long Beach Press Telegram yesterday where his coach said he was a verbal commit to USC. Travon said he has not yet been offered a scholarship by the Trojans. Top Stories