Interview with Trojan commit Fili Moala

"I picked up on the USC vs UCLA rivalry early on and wanted to be part of it. I just fell in love with the Trojans and was always a fan of guys like Chris Claiborne and Curtis Conway. I feel grateful to be honored with a scholarship."

WeAreSC caught up with Trojan commit Fili Moala to get his thoughts on the Trojans and his choice to give an early verbal:

"I was born in Southern California and have always liked USC.  I picked up on the USC vs UCLA rivalry early on and I picked the Trojans.  I used to live in L.A. and my cousins went to school with Curtis Conway and was a big fan of guys like him and Chris Claiborne.  I just fell in love with the team and it was a dream come true when they started recruiting me and offered a scholarship.  I was recruited by Coach Orgeron and he talked about how good the school was academically and athletically so I took an unofficial visit with my parents and we all just loved the place.

I would describe myself as a hard-nosed football player who never gives up.  I like playing an up tempo style and it seems like that works well with Coach Orgeron.  He's crazy and I like that.  He likes to get into it.  I also really liked Coach Carroll.  He carries himself well and is just a good guy. 

I was chubby as a kid and then had a growth spurt in the summer between my 7th and 8th grade years.  I had always been a baseball player but in the 9th grade I gave football a shot and after that I decided I wasn't going to be a baseball player anymore.  I love playing all areas on the line but if I had my choice I would be in the middle because that's where all the action is. SC has a lot of great players on the line and I watched guys last year like Lonnie Ford and Bernard Riley. I played against Shaun Cody in high school when he was a senior and he's bad! What a player!

I am hoping to major in either history or geography with the goal of being a teacher.  I love studying World War II and I like helping people so that's what I want to do.  I remember in junior high school when I had a math teacher who went the extra mile to help me and I always remembered that. 

The lineman camp yesterday was great, there was a lot of competition as usual.  I'm starting to recognize some of the guys like Travis Draper, Kevin Brown, Josh Tavanuu and Lawrence Jackson.

I definitely consider myself an official commit, I don't want to look anywhere else. I'm grateful to get honored with a scholarship from USC but I think there's always room for improvement." Top Stories