Recruits in attendance for USC vs UCLA game

The Trojans hosted several recruits for official visits as well as plenty of top local prospects who were also in attendance. Click below for a list of which players were spotted and to read some quotes from selected recruits:

Allen Bradford
Shareece Wright
Travon Patterson
Terrence Austin
Kenny Rowe (LB Poly junior DE)
Donovan Warren (LB Poly junior CB)
Ryan McFoy
Joshua Tatum
Andre Smith
Garrett Green
Rodney Glass
Sione Fua
Butch Lewis
Jonas Mouton
Jimmy Clausen (Oaks Christian junior QB)
Marc Tyler (Oaks Christian junior RB/LB)
Tim Tebow
Michael Goodson
DeMarco Murray
Marcus Sims

Joshua Tatum "They have such great fans at USC. I love it here, everything is just picture perfect and you can't ask for anything more. The defense was definitely impressive. My host on the trip is Ryan Powdrell, I asked for him as my host because he's a guy who hasn't been a star or anything like that on the team and I wanted to get his perspective on things. It has just been a beautiful time."

Andre Smith "It was exciting, I thought the game would be closer but with SC being a powerhouse they pulled it off. It was so loud and intense at the game, that was my first look at West Coast football and it was a really great game. The thing I've been impressed with the most is the camaraderie on the SC team, it seems like all the guys are really together. I came out here with my mom for the visit and my hosts are Rashaad Goodrum and Kyle Moore."

Shareece Wright "They stopped them. USC kept the ball away from Maurice Drew and that was real smart. In the end, USC was just too fast for them."

Allen Bradford "I thought it would be a good game, I didn't think it would be a blowout. Of all the schools I've seen I haven't seen a coaching staff that prepares like USC does. My host yesterday was Michael Coleman when I arrived for my visit but I'm supposed to get another one tonight. I got to meet all the guys like Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart so that was cool."

Michael Goodson "They are something else, putting up 66 points is amazing. The coaches are for real and with the way they have things going it definitely gives you something to think about. The team just really gels together and they are a family."

* Derrick Hill missed his plane flight so he was not on the visit. Aleric Mullins was a late cancellation and he is scheduled to visit in early January. Top Stories