Offense or Defense

The battle for Las Vegas, Nev. five-star running back DeMarco Murray appears to be a two-horse race between Oklahoma and USC, and the two schools appear to be coming after him with a different plan of attack.

Oklahoma wants DeMarco Murray to play running back. USC wants him to play defensive back. The only question now is where does Murray want to play?

Coach (Pete) Carroll thinks I should play DB at USC and go pro playing DB," said Murray on Wednesday. "Coach (Bob) Stoops wants me to play running back, and all over the field on offense. He wants me in the slot at receiver and at running back. Right now, I think I am leaning towards playing offense. I want the ball in my hands. I know I can play running back in college."

In the end, Murray said he knows he can't go wrong either way.

"I still have some things to think through, but right now I want to play offense," Murray said. "Actually, I have always wanted to play offense, and I have a great relationship with the OU coaches. USC is a great school and a great program, and they bring a lot to the table.

"That is a tough decision right now, but I think I want to be an offensive player in college. And feel I can be a good offensive player in college. I need to continue to talk to the coaches and hear what they have to say to make sure I am making the best decision for me."

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