Tuesday practice tidbits

It was a good practice today, one that felt like the team was getting back to business after a couple weeks of award banquets and recruiting weekends. The weather was surprisingly warm as the Trojans got in the first of four workouts this week and the results on the field were encouraging.

There was a lot of work on punt coverage early in the day. Tom Malone kicked a few punts and looked pretty good but for the most part the balls were put in play by a throw from a coach or another player. Todd McNair was really working with Darnell Bing after one rep to make sure Darnell was ending up in the right spot to make the play. Among the players who were rotating back at the return spot were Reggie Bush, Brandon Ting, Whitney Lewis, Cary Harris, LenDale White and Patrick Turner. Whitney made a one handed catch of a ball that was very nice.

We've talked before about how offensive linemen will often race coaches to the far end of the field after warm-ups to begin the next drill and today it was Chilo Rachal staying ahead of Pete Carroll by about five yards and Chilo was even looking back at his coach for the last 25 yards to make sure he didn't catch up.

In terms of injured players, it was good to see Keith Rivers back in the starting line-up with Thomas Williams and Patrick Turner both in the rotation during drills. Williams also got in some stretching works on the sidelines with the resistance bands. Jeff Byers, Drew Radovich, Thomas Herring, Luthur Brown, Will Harris and Kevin Ellison were all watching from the sidelines and Byers was looking really good while doing some sprints at one point.

* We saw both Mark Sanchez and Fred Davis get some work as Vince Young today in service team drills

* Troy Van Blarcom made a 53 yard FG

* Chris McFoy made a beautiful one handed grab of a pass over the middle. Leinart later hit McFoy with another pass despite terrific coverage from Rivers.

* Michael Coleman was running hard as a service team running back along with Andre Woodert

* Dominique Byrd took a pass in the flat and made Darnell Bing miss in the open field.

* Scott Ware had a pick in team drill

* Turner had a nice run after catch on a Booty pass

* Leinart hooked up with Dwayne Jarrett on a deep pattern where Dwayne beat Justin Wyatt and the play went for a score.

* The linebackers stayed after practice to get some extra work on Brian Kennedy Field.

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