Lendale White update

WeAreSC: So Lendale, can you give me your list of leaders?
L: Right now, I like SC, Tex, Ore, GT, Pitt, KSU and there's some others that I can't think of right now.

WeAreSC: Have all those schools offered you?
L: Southern Cal did, Texas did, I think Ore. will, KSU did, Pitt did and GT will.

WeAreSC: Is that in order of preference?
L: No, that's not in order, but SC is definitely one of the top schools.

WeAreSC: Why?
L: Tradition, and I talk to the coaching staff a lot and they're really cool.

WeAreSC: Now are you talking about tradition at the RB spot?
L: Yeah, and just school tradition period. I know they're real big on football.

WeAreSC: I understand that coach Carroll visited you the other day?
L: Yeah, they came out to watch the mini camp but they couldn't talk to me. But I have his cell phone number, so I can call him whenever I want.

WeAreSC: Have you talked to him?
L: Oh I talk to him a lot. He's just a great coach.

WeAreSC: Can you describe your running style for me?
L: I pretty much play with power. I attack and attack, so once I get to the line, I'm looking for a hole to explode through, so pretty much power and explosion.

WeAreSC: Anything you want to work on?
L: Oh pass blocking.

WeAreSC: Is that just something that you haven't been taught because of your HS's offense?
WeAreSC: Yeah, something like that. In our offense, they really don't ask for a whole lot of pass blocking. Usually I'm getting the ball or I'm running a route, so I just don't do it very often.

WeAreSC: Do you know your stats for last year.
L: I can give you rough guess, about 1,850 rushing yards, 30 TD's and I think I averaged around 9 yards a carry.

WeAreSC: Your height, weight and 40 time?
L: About 6-1, 6-1.5, 225 lbs. and about 4.5

WeAreSC: Are you considering CU at all?
L: No, I really want to go out of the state. It's nothing against the school or anything.

WeAreSC: Do you know when you will be making your decision?
L: I think I'm going to wait it out. I'm not gonna wait until the last week or anything, but I probably won't make a decision until Dec, after I've taken all five of my trips. I just don't want to commit now and have regrets. I want to see what's out there first to make sure the school I pick is the right one for me.

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