Wednesday practice tidbits

It was another beautiful day for a Trojan practice under sunny skies and it began with some pretty good competition in the receiver/DB drills between Dwayne Jarrett and Justin Wyatt.

The two players went against each other on several reps with Jarrett trying a fade pattern of the first one but Wyatt was physical to knock the ball away, Wyatt celebrated the play and Dwayne called for a PI call. The next time they went against each other Dwayne put a pretty move on Wyatt to get to the inside and caught the slant as he went across the middle. At this point the trash talk between the two had increased and the third rep was highly anticipated among the players in the group. Jarrett ran a fade pattern along the sideline and Leinart made the good throw for the completion to give the advantage, at least in this drill, to Jarrett.

In the same drill Whitney Lewis made a nice over the shoulder grab of a ball from Leinart.

I stayed in that spot and watched the first team offense go against the service team defense. Leinart got things going early by hitting Steve Smith on a deep pass but later in the drill Steve also dropped a deep ball that probably should have been caught. We saw Brandon Hancock and David Kirtman being used in a variety of ways and Patrick Turner caught a nice slant pass where he used his big body to shield the defender. We saw a lot of rotation in this drill with Leinart and Booty sharing reps as well as Sam Baker/Kyle Williams and Deuce Lutui/Chilo Rachal.

Tom Malone did not practice (Taylor Odegard kicked during punt drills) and Tom did a lot of stretching drills along the sidelines with trainer Russ Romano.

The offensive skill players held a 7 on 7 drill against the LB/DB's and Hancock made the best move of the day with his shake and bake move in the open field to make Keith Rivers miss. On back to back plays Leinart hit touchdown passes to Dominique Byrd and Steve Smith.

In the field goal drills Brandon Ting had a blocked kick and Troy Van Blarcom hit the side crossbar (with plenty of distance) on a 52 yard attempt. Mario Danelo made a 42 yarder.

In the team drill to end the day we saw the defense step up with some plays and Leinart struggled at times with a few missed passes. John Walker got things going by batting away an attempt to William Buchanon. A couple plays later John David Booty came in and his pass attempt was batted down by Collin Ashton. Booty later completed a nice deep out pass to Turner and then Leinart got things rolling a little by hitting Fred Davis across the middle and then he hit Smith with a short touchdown pass.

Andre Woodert left practice with what appeared to be a sore ankle. Top Stories