Updated APR results

The Trojans received some off-the-field good news earlier this week when the updated APR numbers were released which reflected adjustments made for graduation bonuses and professional sports waivers

The APR, or Academic Progress Rating, was unveiled by the NCAA earlier this year as a way to chart academic progress for college teams with potential penalties for those who do not meet certain criteria.

A pre-determined "cut" line of 925 was set as a measuring point for the APR scale and a formula was put in place to judge player progress toward graduation while taking into account various factors such as transferring, leaving school early, etc. Each player can earn points each semester for their team and those points help determine the APR score. If a team falls below the 925 cut line there are penalties which can include loss of scholarships.

When the first round of results were released the Trojan football team scored a 910, a number that fell below the cut line, but when the adjustment was made to reflect graduation bonuses for players who had left early yet came back to work on their degree and for others who received waivers for professional sports entry, that number rose to 930. The most updated numbers, which include data through the end of the Summer 2005 session, shows the Trojan football program with a 929 score.

That news was welcomed by USC coach Pete Carroll as his team was preparing to face the Texas Longhorns in the Rose Bowl on January 4th.

"I'm proud that we're showing how important it is to have well-rounded kids in this program, kids who want to play football at the highest level and also want to take care of their academics," said Carroll. "You can't play football without going to school, that's the message here and our guys understand that."

It was an encouraging fall 2005 semester as well for the Trojans as all players will be eligible for the bowl game and overall the team had the best semester in six years.

"After seeing steady improvement over the past four years we took major strides this fall," said Dr. Magdi El Shahawy, the Associate Athletic Director in charge of Student-Athlete Academic Services at USC. "We had 29 guys with over a 3.0 or better and we improved the team GPA by over a tenth of a point. We also had nine guys on the Dean's List including three with perfect 4.0 GPA's."

With numbers like those, it shows that the Trojans are experiencing success both on and off the field these days.

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