Tidbits from CaliFlorida practice (w/photos)

Here are a couple quick thoughts after visiting practices for both teams this morning:

* C.J. Spiller is fast. I know that's not a newsflash to anyone who has been following recruiting but, wow, he's really fast.

* Marcus Sims is not overwhelming physically, he's got a thick lower body and is working with the running backs for this game.

* Jonas Mouton had a couple really big hits today, including one where he stuck Chane Moline in the backfield for a loss. Jonas looked smooth and in control.

* The two Trojan DL, Derek Simmons and Alex Parsons, were called "the real deal" by one of the California team coaches. Simmons looks very athletic for his size and Parsons was putting tremendous pressure on the QB. One onlooker who follows Orange County football said Parsons was extremely mis-managed at Woodbridge and he thinks SC got a real diamond in the rough with him. Alex even joked about his relatively light recruiting process by saying "with a 2-8 team there weren't a lot of coaches looking in our direction".

* C.J. Gable caught a nice pass and will play RB in this game. There was some talk that he would announce his college choice on Saturday during the game but he said today that he will wait.

* Travon Patterson will also wait until later in January before making an announcement.

* Zack Heberer played left guard today and he is at 285 pounds right now. He was having some good battles with Derrick Hill.

* Colton teammates Bradford and Wright are showing themselves well. This is an excellent group of corners and Wright so far is being tabbed as the best of the bunch.

RB Marcus Sims

RB C.J. Spiller

DL Derek Simmons

LB Allen Bradford

WR Travon Patterson

DB Shareece Wright

RB C.J. Gable

WR Richard Sherman

CB Ricky Thenarse

DB Jonas Mouton

OL Zack Heberer

QB Garrett Green

DL Alex Parsons

DL Alex Parsons

RB C.J. Gable

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