Sunday practice tidbits

It was a short practice today in the rain and cold before the team departed for the annual Rose Bowl trip to Lawry's for the Beef Bowl.

As usual, Fred Matua provided the early intensity to practice with his verbal sparring during warm-up sessions. The actual practice, however, was more crisp and sharp than it was loud and intense, a good sign as we approach game day.

The rain didn't seem to have any effect on the Trojan offense, particularly the passing game as both Matt Leinart and John David Booty looked good today. Leinart hit Steve Smith on a deep pass against two defenders on a play that brought the biggest outburst from the offensive players. Matt also hit Dwayne Jarrett with a nice pass and Dominique Byrd had some catches as well. Booty was really hitting his medium range passes. Contrast it to yesterday when the weather played havoc on the offenses in the CaliFlorida Bowl and it was impressive to see the Trojan offense moving right along and executing at such a nice level.

Reggie Bush was animated and in good spirits. David Kirtman and Brandon Hancock got a lot of work in the second half of the day.

Keith Rivers was doing a lot of stretching drills at the beginning of the day but was part of the defensive rotation by the second half of practice.

In attendance were Sam Cunningham and Clay Matthews.

The Trojans will take part in the annual Rose Bowl media day tomorrow morning before practicing in the late afternoon. Top Stories