Monday practice tidbits

It was a loose practice tonight as the Trojans got some work in the Loker track stadium on the artificial turf, the skies stayed overcast for most of the practice although it started to rain a little bit at the end of the day. The rain has already affected the schedule for tomorrow as the team will do their walk-through on campus rather than at the Rose Bowl because game officials don't want the teams working out on the turf.

There was a lot of yelling and emotion at the beginning of the day and the team kept that upbeat attitude throughout the practice. There was work on kickoff coverage, punt team and punt return in addition to a lot of service team work. The team usually breaks into two parts for service drills (1st O vs service D and 1st D vs service O) but today when the offense was on the field the defense was watching from the sideline and vice versa. The coaches moved the units on and off the field quickly after sets of plays to create the timing of a game by going on and off the field.

Dwayne Jarrett had the best play of the day with a beautiful completion from Matt Leinart in the corner of the end zone for a long touchdown. Josh Pinkard did a good job to break up a wheel route play run by the Texas offense. One of the best performers of the day was Michael Coleman who again was showing some good moves and hard running with the service team, at one point somebody on the sidelines asked "can someone please stop Coleman?" Top Stories