Bush announces for NFL draft

Trojan junior running back Reggie Bush, the 2005 Heisman Trophy winner, has announced that he will leave school early to enter the NFL draft.

Just a day after we lost our "Thunder" in LenDale White, it makes sense that "Lightning" would follow and sure enough we heard the announcement this morning that Bush would be taking his game to the NFL.

Reggie has been projected as a possible #1 pick in this year's draft although there is recent speculation that the Houston Texans could also consider hometown star Vince Young. Regardless, Bush is expected to be one of the top selections with his array of dazzling speed and moves that are rare to find in a running back.

It wasn't so much the numbers that Reggie put up which were impressive, although with 3,169 career yards he certainly accomplished a lot in that area, but it was more the style and flair which he showed that made him such an impact player. Each Trojan fan has their own favorite memory of a Bush run or a pass catch or kick return that is forever etched in their mind.

Fox Sports recently put together a list of Top 10 Reggie Bush moments and most Trojan fans would agree that each of these plays were something special:

1) sideline to sideline TD run v. Fresno '05
2) punt return v. Stanford '04
3) 1st TD in '04 UCLA game
4) TD run v. ND '05
5) Leaping TD run v. UCLA '05
6) Punt return v. Wash '05
7) TD pass v. ASU '04
8) Punt return v. OSU '04
9) Reverse field run v. Ore '05
10) TD reception v. ND '03

That list doesn't even include the play which might be the one Reggie is remembered for the most, the infamous "Bush Push" where he gave Matt Leinart a helping hand to get across the goal line against Notre Dame during the 2005 season. It says something about a player though when you are able to list 10 highlight plays and there are still some huge plays that get left off.

Where does Reggie rank in terms of all-time USC great running backs? Well, that can be debated and it will be for some time. There can be no debate that the duo of Bush and White leave college football as the leading touchdown duo in history with 99 TD's between them. That mark broke the record of a pair of Heisman Trophy winners named Glenn Davis and Doc Blanchard, the talented duo from the great Army teams of the 40's.

Thanks for the memories Reggie, you were a player to remember from a period of Trojan football that nobody will soon forget.

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