Fred Matua update

Trojan junior guard Fred Matua announced over the weekend that he would be leaving USC to declare for the NFL draft. WeAreSC had a chance to catch up with Matua this afternoon for a few questions:

What are you going to miss the most about USC?

"Just the bond I had with the other players, especially my brothers on the o-line. They will always be my brothers, we worked so hard together for four years and nothing can break that up. We'll always keep in touch because there's a special bond there."

What will you miss the most about college life?

"I won't really miss college life, I'll miss the people."

Who will take over for Fred Matua as the loud talker on the team?

"Man, there's no contender for that. I just talk too much, nobody can fill that role."

As you look back, what are your favorite memories on the field for USC?

"Just playing for three national championships and playing with some of the greatest players ever to play the game. I mean, I blocked for two Heisman trophy winners. I played with some of the best players you could ever play with."

When you were considering your decision to come back, you said "an educated man is a powerful man". What are your plans to come back and finish your education and what do you want to do with it?

"I plan to come back after my rookie year and finish up my degree in sociology. I only have one semester left to get that done. After that I want to do great things for the Samoan people, I want to run a store, I want to buy things. I don't want to answer to nobody. That's the real power. The only way you get that power is by education, the only way you get educated is to have that paper."

What position do you think you project at in the NFL?

"I don't care. They can put me at guard, center or quaterback. I just want to play."

There are now a lot of holes on the o-line at USC. What can you tell us about the guys who are coming up?

"The one guy people need to watch for is Chilo Rachal. I'm telling you, people are going to be surprised by him. He's a different kind of Deuce. You know how Deuce just mauls people and runs over them, that's what Chilo does. He's big, fast and he's gonna tear people apart."

What are your workout plans this spring as you get ready for the NFL Pro Day?

"We've got a group down here in Long Beach that I'm gonna be working out with, a group of guys who really get along well and want to work hard. We've got my SC teammate John Walker, Tennessee OL Albert Toeaina and Arizona RB Mike Bell." Top Stories