Robert Lewis interview caught up with Trojan verbal commit Robert Lewis from Montclair Prep HS for the following interview: "Talk about the recruiting process and how you came to your decision last week."
Lewis "I liked USC when they first came and I liked the fact that they liked me right away. It was like first come, first served. I thought they would treat me good since they came early, I'm only a junior right now." "When did they first approach you?"
Lewis "It was two weeks ago and then they gave me the offer last Wednesday." "Had you been recruited by other schools?"
Lewis "Yeah, Arizona State, UCLA, Stanford, Washington and Washington State. USC was the first school here though and that showed me that they were real interested in me. Pete Carroll came to watch me practice and then he gave the offer to my coach. They were just in the office watching films of me and I was outside and when my coach told me that they made an offer I let him know that I wanted to accept. They liked me right on the spot I guess." "It sounds like a bit of a surprise for you."
Lewis "It was. I didn't think USC was going to come recruit me, I felt very proud of myself when it happened." "Did you grow up in Southern California?"
Lewis "Yes, I was born and raised here. I've been at Montclair Prep since my freshman year." "What is your GPA and have you taken the SAT yet?"
Lewis "I have a 3.8 GPA and I'm supposed to take the SAT this Saturday. I'm looking to major in pre-med at this point but I know I'm probably going to change that." "What were some of your favorite teams growing up?"
Lewis "I liked Notre Dame and the Gators. I liked USC as well but I never thought I was going to go there. I actually thought I was gonna be a Bruin but I just don't really like them much anymore so it was an easy decision to be a Trojan." "Did you get a chance to watch any USC games last year?"
Lewis "I saw a little but I don't get to watch too many games because I'm so busy with homework. They give you so much homework your junior year so I haven't been able to do a lot of stuff." "For those who haven't had the chance to see you play describe what kind of player you are."
Lewis "I'm quick. I run a 4.6 40. Most linebackers aren't as quick as I am. Plus I have long arms so I have a long reach and can get by the big guys by just keeping my spacing and moving around. I think that's my strength." "What is your height/weight?"
Lewis "I'm 6-5, 215." "Do you play other sports?"
Lewis "I play basketball, I'm a small forward on our team. I'm also being recruited in basketball and that's one of the things I like about USC because they said they'll try to get me with the basketball program. They were the only school telling me I could try to play both." "Are you going to the USC camp next month?"
Lewis "Yeah, I didn't get a chance to go to the one-day camps but I'm definitely going to these ones." "Tell us about your role on this team, do you just play offense?"
Lewis "I play tight end as well. I'm a captain of the team and I call the shots on defense. I'm like a coach/player because I know everybody's position on the field, offense and defense, and whenever anybody has a question they always come to me if a coach isn't around. It's that way in basketball too, I like leading a team." "What are your goals for this team?"
Lewis "Were gonna get that ring. Paraclete took it from us in the finals last year and the year before that. Paraclete is our enemy." "What are your stats for football and basketball?"
Lewis "For football I had 17 catches for 197 yards with 8 sacks, 172 total tackles, 2 picks and 4 fumble recoveries. In basketball I averaged over 15 points per game and I just came back from a tournament in San Jose this weekend where I did real well." Top Stories