Joseph is a Trojan

Vincent Joseph made it clear to USC and Jethro Franklin (USC defensive line) that he wanted to be a Trojan. He phoned Franklin and Greg Burns (USC defensive backs) two to three times a week hoping for a scholarship offer. On Friday Joseph received an offer from the Trojans, and committed.

"It was real weird -- I had just gotten out of school and my mom told me they (USC) wanted me to come down at 2:30 on Friday," said Joseph. "So I went home, packed my bags and headed down there. It was real excited and everything worked out great. I got the offer from Coach Carroll and then committed."

The Trojans are bringing in a large crop of defensive backs, but that's a non-issue for Joseph.

"Not at all, not at all -- there's no fear at all, because I know I can play," Joseph said. "I can run, I can cover, so I ain't scared of anybody right know? Nobody is going to put fear in my heart and I'm just going to go out there and play. I don't care about starting, but I'm getting in. I'm not going to on the sidelines waiting the whole year and I'm getting in. I might not be the best player, but I'll be better than someone -- for some role.

"I can't wait to get to SC and start practicing with the team," Joseph said. "I'm real excited to have my dream come true."

The Poly pipeline has been good to USC and Poly has a two of the top juniors in the country. Will cornerback Donovan warren and defensive end Kenny Rowe follow Joseph and Travon Patterson to USC?

"Oh, definitely," Joseph said. "They do have a whole year left to decide and maybe they'll grow accustomed to another school, but right now I'd say they're definitely USC -- and Bryshon Nellum too. He's definitely coming to SC for track, and may play a little football, too."

Poly currently has the seven players in the NFL and add three more this year – Winston Justice, Darnell Bing and Marcedes Lewis.

Jamere Holland also took his visit to USC this weekend, but did not commit.

"They put a good impression on both of us, but I don't know what Jamere is going to do because he has his own mind," Joseph said. "He liked the trip a lot though, but didn't commit." Top Stories