Meet Zack Heberer

Zack Heberer committed to the Trojans at its June 27-28 Rising Seniors Camp. Not much was written about him after his commitment, but Heberer had an outstanding senior season capped off with an invite to the Cal-Florida Game played on Dec. 31. We caught up with Zack to find out what he's been up to and what he has planned.

Q: You committed back in June at the USC Rising Seniors Camp. What was it that made you confident enough you wanted to be a Trojan so early?

I was choosing between USC and Oregon. Those were the two schools I was looking at. After talking with them (USC) and going to their camp I chose USC. I had seen Oregon and I'd seen SC, and talked with the coaches, and just felt I fit in better at SC. I love the coaches and everything about it.

Q: What are your thoughts about Coach Ruel?

Awesome man and I'm excited for him to be my coach. Coming from the NFL, he knows a lot of things and I'm glad he will be coaching me, and showing me the things he knows. I love learning and continuing to improve.

Q: How about Coach Carroll?

He's great coach, a lovable guy and full of energy. He's just an awesome coach.

Q: The Trojans lost a lot from the previous offensive line. Do you think you'll have a chance to compete for playing time next season?

Oh, yeah, there's a lot of competition at SC since it's one of the best teams. I think I have an opportunity to come in and play, but it's going to take a lot of hard work -- and I'm definitely willing to work hard.

Q: What are some of the things you're working at to improve?

I'm working out hard in the weight-room, running a lot with my trainer. I'm trying to get my speed because you can never be too fast. I'm also working on my foot speed -- quickness is important if you want to be a great lineman.

Q: What do you consider some of your strengths as an offensive lineman?

My speed and strength

Q: But you still consider those qualities you can improve on, right?

Oh, definitely, there's always room to improve.

Q: Did you have the opportunity talk to Coach Carlisle and did he give you any workout advice?

Oh, yeah, I met with Coach Carlisle at the camp, but I haven't gotten a workout schedule yet. I'm planning on getting in touch with him real soon to find what they want me to be doing, so when I come to summer practices, I'm already prepared for it.

Q: Besides working out, what are some of the things you'll be enjoying in your final semester of high school?

Hanging out with friends and enjoying some non-football related stuff. Ever since the ninth-grade it's been nothing but football for me and I never had a real summer -- so hopefully I'll have a little time for myself before I head out to USC for summer practices.

Q: What Position will you play at USC?

I'm going t o be a guard.

Q: Is that the position you've always played at San Pedro?

Yeah, that's pretty much where I've always played. I used to be a tackle and they moved to guard because the guard we had before was too slow, and I was being slowed down when I was pulling, so they just moved me to guard -- and I think that's the best position for me.

Q: Are there any guys from the 2006 recruiting class to keep in contact with?

I talk to Anthony McCoy and Alex Parsons a lot.

Q: What was the experience like playing in the Cal-Florida Game?

That was a great experience and there were a lot of good players who played. I really haven't gone against any great players like I did that week. It was fun going up against some of the best players from all over California and Florida. There was a lot of competition -- it was a lot of fun.

Q: Who were some of the guys you went up against from California and Florida who impressed you the most?

The one who impressed me the most was Derrick Hill. When you look at him without pads on, he doesn't even look like a football player, but he packs a punch. He was the toughest guy to block that I've ever faced.

Q: What did you think of Derek Simmons and Alex Parsons?

I'm sure glad they're going to be on my team because those guys are unbelievable. They were both named MVP for defense in the Cal-Florida Game. They gave a preview of what's to come from the USC defensive line.

Q: Any thoughts on Travon Patterson?

He's quick and fast -- faster than lightning. I've never seen a kid run that fast in my life. He's quick and has great moves.

Q: Was your family real excited about you committing to SC?

They were very excited about me choosing USC. Top Stories