Thursday afternoon workout notes

The Trojans held an informal workout this afternoon on Howard Jones/Brian Kennedy Field and here are some thoughts from the session:

One player who jumped out to me was Sedrick Ellis, he is looking faster and stronger. He was really getting after it in bag drills.

Kyle Moore is looking more and more like the player he was hyped up to be out of high school. One more year under Carlisle and he will be scary.

Mark Sanchez is really looking good out there, and his passes are always on the money. Not taking anything away from Booty, but I saw more of Sanchez today.

Gerald Washington more then passes the eye test (He is a big boy) Not to mention that he moves very well for a man his size. Although he did drop a pass or two.

Antwine Perez looks pretty skinny, but I'm waiting for a summer under Carlisle for him. It was reported that he came into camp around 180, and is now up to 195 or so.

Walker Ashley moves pretty well for a 300 pounder. He's still working on the bag drills, but you can never have enough big guys who can move.

We spoke with Mark Sanchez for a bit and he asked whether Vidal was in or not. He also said the most impressive player out there had been Steve Smith, as he is always the first one there. He said Steve had really turned his game up another notch.

Herschel Dennis was out there and taking a few hand offs from Booty, which was a very good site to see. He was limited, but was cutting and looking like recovery is going well.

Terrell Thomas was out there as well, but didn't get in the mix to much.

On another note, it looks as if Whitney Lewis has lost a few pounds. Hopefully this year he shows why he was so highly recruited out of high school. Top Stories