DVD: 3/16/06 Edition

Check out this week's edition of DVD, where former USC football players Darrell Rideaux and David Newbury (who also serve as the co-hosts of the Trojan Confidential radio program on KSPN) cover all the hot topics surrounding USC football.

In this week's edition Rideaux and Newbury discuss everything from the "Sarkiffian"-run Trojan offense, to Reggie Bush and LenDale White and what we can expect to see out of them in their rookie seasons.

Part 1 -- Pete Carroll's presence in the offense

Part 2 -- Is the "Sarkiffian" combination working?

Part 3 -- Vidal Hazelton and the Trojan WR corps

Part 4 -- Next Year's Rookie of the Year: Reggie or LenDale?

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