Recruit to watch: DB Dennie Keyes

Keyes was one of the more impressive players at the Trojan camp and here are his thoughts from the experience:

"I only went down for one day but it was definitely a good time. I had been on campus before several times for the Junior Day and one of the spring ball scrimmages but I'm still glad I went to the camp to work on things like my technique and my drop. I spoke with Greg Burns and Coach Carroll, I think Carroll's a good coach and I like him a lot. He's just a real charasmatic guy and a lot of fun to be around. There was a lot of joking around between everybody at the camp, it was just a lot of fun. I think I did OK but I only went for one day and was a little lost at first with some of the things they are doing. By the time we went to the Coliseum I felt more comfortable and did a little better. I didn't get an offer but the coaches want me to call them this Friday to talk more about that. No matter what happens I think I'm still going to take my trips but USC is my favorite. I'm looking to major in business and I have an uncle who went to USC so I know what it's about.

I think my combination of size and speed helps make me an effective player. On the field I can read what's going on relatively easy and I take on a different personality. I'm calm and cool off the field but on the field I can be pretty mean. I like handling the ball on offense but on defense I like coming up and making the hard hit so we can get the ball back. USC is recruiting me as a free safety and I think I could do real well in Carroll's system." Top Stories