Cheadle talks about USC Junior Day

Justin Cheadle (6-4, 240) from Bakersfield was one of many talented offensive linemen at USC's Junior Day, and it's no secret the Trojans plan on stockpiling its 2007 recruiting class with road-graders.

Cheadle is one the top offensive line prospects in the state and the Trojan coaching staff spent a lot of quality time discussing what it will take to get the prize he yearns for, an offer from the Trojans.

"I spoke with Coach Ruel, Coach Seto, Coach Carroll and the defensive line coach (Nick Holt)," Cheadle said. "I had one-on-one conversations with them. Coach Seto pulled me off to the side quite a few times to talk to me. He and Coach Ruel said to keep my grades up, keep playing hard and if I attend their camp, I actually might be one of the guys who walks out with a scholarship."

The Trojans annually pick from the cream of the crop of athletes, but as academic requirements have increased, so has the type of student-athlete they pursue. The combination of Cheadles' achievements in the classroom and on the field make him an extremely attractive prospect, but seeing prospects perform in person is often times the deciding factor for an offer from USC.

"They say they like the way I move on the field, like my academics and attitude--they just want to see me get after it at their camp." Cheadle said.

Although part of the time at Junior Days is learning about the school and academic matters, Cheadle said the fun began when Pete Carroll hit the stage of the auditorium all of the recruits and coaches had gathered in.

"Coach Carroll pulled off his shirt, then we all did and we started yelling, jumping and chanting," Cheadle said. "That was probably the greatest experience of the day. They just put us all in a room and we all bonded together so fast."

Cheadle was asked what Pat Ruel had to say during his session with the offensive linemen.

"He said he wants us to go off low and hard, have a mean mindset and be ready to go hit somebody, and knock them on their back every time," Cheadle said.

Cheadle said USC, UCLA, California,Stanford, Colorado, Colorado State, Fresno State and Arizona are the schools he's interested in, and he has offers from Arizona, Fresno State and Colorado State. Top Stories