Spring Ball Day 9

The Trojans held a no pads practice today that featured the return of several players who had been sitting out parts of spring ball due to injuries

Among those who returned to action today were Hershel Dennis, Jody Adewale, Drew Radovich, Averell Spicer, Jeff Schweiger, Thomas Williams, Dallas Sartz, Brian Cushing and Josh Pinkard. Cushing and Sartz wore shoulder pads as both continue to rehab shoulder injuries.

One scare came when Hershel Dennis, who had been running well early in practice, took a screen pass and immediately went down when his left knee gave out. It was the same knee he tore ligaments in last year. Hershel got up a few minutes later and walked off the field on his own power, he will undergo an MRI exam on Wednesday.

Some of the highlights of the day were a touchdown pass from Mark Sanchez to Fred Davis with nice pursuit from Oscar Lua. We also saw a pair of picks from Keith Rivers, one by Lua and one by Kyle Moore. The one by Moore came off a tipped pass by Sedrick Ellis who had a couple tipped passes in the same drill.

Guests at practice included Norv Turner, Garrett Green and Samson Szakacsy.

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