Hamstring tear for LenDale White

LenDale White received results from an MRI test done on his right hamstring which show a moderate tear near the pelvic region.

According to a report in the Denver Post, the hamstring tear should sideline LenDale until mid-May which means he would not have the opportunity to run for NFL scouts prior to the April 29th draft.

"He should recover fine," said Dr. Randall Eldridge, a Denver chiropractor renowned for his treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. "He just needs time to heal. I could see where he would have been in considerable pain had he tried to run."

White received criticism following the USC Pro Day on April 2nd when he elected not to run the 40 by claiming a sore hamstring. Speculation mounted that he didn't want to run and many draft experts said that decision could cause him to slide out of the first round. LenDale says this MRI finding helps him establish a valid reason why he did not run that day.

"This validates that the reason I didn't run wasn't because I didn't want to, wasn't because I was lazy, but because I was injured," White told the Post. "I did everything I possibly could to get ready for our pro day, but I knew something wasn't right with my leg. Now I've got a doctor with 100 percent expertise on hamstrings saying I have a tear. To me, it proves the attacks against me were unjust."

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