Spring Ball Day 14

The Trojans maintained their intensity today as spring ball winds down on a beautiful Thursday afternoon practice at Howard Jones/Brian Kennedy Field:

Today was a physical day of practice in shoulder pads and shorts as the coaches seemed intent on keeping the spirit up for these final two days instead of gliding in to the end of camp. There was a lot of energy in the air from the beginning including some good banter back and forth between DL coach Dave Watson and OL coach Pat Ruel.

There was a lot of work done on drills that involve the defender trying to strip the ball. Even the linemen work on this drill with all players on the team having to practice holding on to the football while someone tries to strip it away. Another good drill was the RB vs LB pass rush drill, there are always some good battles there.

Mario Danelo got some work practicing kickoffs. During the FG session he missed a 48 yard kick wide to the right but it had plenty of distance.

The hit of the day came from Rey Maualuga who shot the gap and nailed John Griffin. The hit brought oohs and aahs from the players on the sidelines. Griffin later had a nice run when he followed a block from Tiny Malu (who was working with the first team at LG today).

Mark Sanchez had a nice day with good completions to Dale Thompson and Ryan Ting. Mark also threw a 20 yard TD pass to Steve Smith toward the end of the day. Smith had a strong day overall with several grabs. Mike McDonald completed a long pass to Mike Brittingham.

At linebacker we saw Luthur Brown moving well in skeleton passing drills while Dallas Sartz and Brian Cushing both saw action during the team drills.

Kevin Ellison looked good at safety today in extended action and he and Terrell Thomas continue to get a lot of work. Terrell had to lunge for a pass break up on an attempt to Brad Walker. Antwine Perez recovered a fumble while Mozique McCurtis broke up a pass intended for Smith and Rocky Seto got real fired up on the play. The final play of the day was an interception by Cary Harris of a Sanchez attempt to Patrick Turner.

Among the guests on the sidelines were Manny Wright (weighing in at 330 pounds), Alex Parsons, Mike Giddings and junior to be DL Willie Mobley from Eden Prairie, MN who was visiting with Walker Ashley.

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