Trojans offer Matt Spanos

Corona defensive lineman Matt Spanos gives an update on his recruitment, including an interesting new offer.

Spanos, 6'5, 265 pounds, is considered one of the state's top defensive lineman prospects. WeAreSC had a chance to talk with the All-League and All-State Underclass star and he gave us the latest.

WeAreSC- How's recruiting been going?

Spanos- "Pretty good. Everything's going as I thought it would go. No big surprises."

WeAreSC- Any new offers lately?

Spanos- "SC just did."

WeAreSC- When did they offer?

Spanos- "I think it was Thursday or Friday."

WeAreSC- When did you first learn of this?

Spanos- "Well, I came to practice kind of late and when I came in, my coach told me that Coach Sarkisian had called. My coach gave him a call and then I talked to him and they told me that they were extremely interested in me. They liked my leadership and stuff like that, on the field, and they basically just said ‘yeah, we want to give you an offer right now, a scholarship.'"

WeAreSC- Does the new offer have an impact?

Spanos- "It does. They're pretty much the number one school I want to go to right now."

WeAreSC- What other schools are you looking at right now?

Spanos- "As far as right now goes, pretty much SC, UCLA, Washington,…Nebraska's been sending me some stuff right now, Colorado, and Fresno State."

WeAreSC- Who else has offered besides USC?

Spanos- "Washington State and Fresno State."

WeAreSC- Is everyone recruiting you for the defensive line?

Spanos- "Yes, except for SC. They have a different idea of how they want me to play. They wanted me to try out for D-Line, but they really wanted me to play on the offensive side of the ball which really surprised me because I had no idea they were going to ask me to do this."

WeAreSC- What's your take on that?

Spanos- "I wouldn't say it's a bad thing, but it's not really the idea that I had. Not saying it's a dumb idea. Whatever happen's, happens, but I'd rather play on the defensive side of the ball."

WeAreSC- What do you think of the coaches at USC? Have you been down to the campus lately?

Spanos- "I've talked to Pete Carroll, Coach O, and Coach Kiffin. Me and Jonathan Turner were supposed to go down there but nothing worked out right, so we didn't get a chance to go. They're great. Honestly, they're probably one of the best coaching staffs I've seen in awhile. I just like how they are. They get real fired up about everything."

WeAreSC- What are the main factors you're looking at right now in choosing a school?

Spanos- "Well, as of right now, I'm kind of looking at schools as much for their education program as much as for their football program. Like, could I benefit from this if I didn't continue on with football. SC has quite a few good programs that I've been looking into, so they have a good shot."

WeAreSC- Do you know what you might want to major in?

Spanos- "Psychology."

WeAreSC- What have you been up to this summer?

Spanos- "Working out, running,…I went to the UCLA one day camp, and that's pretty much it."

WeAreSC- Are you going to any other camps this summer?

Spanos- "I doubt it."

WeAreSC- Is there any specific thing that you're trying to work on this off-season?

Spanos- "Quickness. I'm really trying to get as quick as possible."

WeAreSC- Is there any chance you might commit early?

Spanos- "I don't want to commit early. As of right now, I'm looking at the factor of having my parents involved as well. Them being out of town right now, they don't really know too much about USC offering me. So, I'm kind of waiting on them getting back so we can talk about it."

WeAreSC- When are your parents getting back from their trip?

Spanos- "Sunday afternoon."


























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