Samson Szakacsy commits to Trojans

It's hard to imagine a school receiving commitments from two of the top quarterbacks in the country, on the same day, with John David Booty and Mark Sanchez on the depth- chart, but that's exactly what USC pulled off yesterday. First, Orange Lutheran's signal caller, Aaron Corp, committed, then Samson Szakacsy followed with his commitment later in the evening.

Szakacsy discussed what his thoughts were leading up to the decision and how it feels to realize his dream.

"Sark sent me a text message telling me to call him," Szakacsy said. "So, I called him back and he gave me Pete Carroll's house and cell phone numbers. So, I called Pete Carroll, and he said, ‘How you doing Samson, how you doing buddy?' He's a real personable guy and he asked me if I knew how great my workout was, and that I didn't throw an incompletion. I told him I appreciated that.

"To sum everything up, he said, ‘we'd love for you to come be a Trojan if that's what you'd like to do.' I knew if SC offered, I was going to commit. After that I said, ‘coach, I've always wanted to be a Trojan and it's something I've dreamed about since I was a little kid.' I've always had Trojan in my blood. So, I told Coach Carroll I wanted to be a Trojans he was real excited and sincere, and he told me Coach Sarkisian saw something in me since I was younger and that it was something they couldn't explain."

There was a little Trojan influence involved with Szakacsy's decision.

"Jacob Rogers' dad and grandpa, who have been my coaches since I was 10 years old, have a big impact on me, Szakacsy said. "And just watching Jacob go to the program, talking to him, and knowing how high caliber the program is at USC, and how special it is to be a part of that, is amazing. I feel a close bond with Coach Carroll, and the bond with the head coach is the most important bond for a quarterback."

Samson wasn't the only one who was ecstatic about the commitment to USC.

My parents are real happy and proud," Szakacsy said. "I couldn't have done anything without them. I owe a lot of credit to a lot of people. Everything happened with the help of family, friends and coaches--it was a team effort."

The thought of receiving an offer and committing to USC was only an afterthought a year ago.

"When you are in a situation like I was in a year ago and you're a sophomore in high school, you think about these things, but I never had a realistic perspective that this could happen to me, Szakacsy said. "It's always been my goal to play for a major football program and make it to the NFL, but you don't think about it actually becoming reality."

In 2007 the USC dept chart at quarterback will consist of John Davis Booty, Mark Sanchez, Garrett Green, Samson Szakacsy and Aaron Corp, and it's inconceivable any other collegiate depth chart could even come close to being that solid.

Szakacsy was asked if he's thought about the Trojans' depth chart.

"It's going to be amazing," Szkacsy said. "It's going to be a great opportunity to come in and have an opportunity to compete. Pete Carroll always says you should go in and expect to compete. I've never been afraid of competition and I never will be. My mentality is to come in and compete for the starting job--whether that happens or not, that has to be my attitude. At SC you also have an opportunity to compete for national championships--it's awesome.

Now that the recruiting process is over for Szakacsy, he said he'll turn his attention to his senior season at Camarillo with hopes of winning a championship.

The Trojans' picked up a winner on and off the field with Szakacsy.

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